Secure Your Data While Your Sales Team Works Remotely

Though governments across the world are easing up on the tough lockdown restrictions, the threat of the coronavirus pandemic spreading is still there. That is why mo
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Points To Keep In Mind While Selecting Software Development

Technology is ubiquitous in the modern world. From advanced machinery to sophisticated software, business processes are now heavily dependent on technology. And the
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Work from Anywhere with the Same Productivity and Efficiency

Almost every business concern during this lockdown period is how to stay productive and efficient. As businesses are asking employees to work from home, productivity
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Go with HReZ and Monitor the Real-Time Productivity of an Em

A common thing among successful organizations is high employee productivity. Many studies also suggest that there is a positive correlation between employee producti
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Work from anywhere is the new trend in the Working Culture.

The business world is going through a sea change, especially the way the employees work. From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, most companies directed their e
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Adept Customized Employee Management Software HREZ and Do no

Finding it difficult to track your employee's work amid the COVID-19 lockdown? Yes, the lockdown is impacting every sector of the economy. But, it doesn't mean that
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Easy Accessible Data Just Like Office Space with HReZ

What do you think is the most important asset for a Human Resources (HR) team? Take a guess. Data is the most valuable asset for an HR team. Yes, all data related
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Ensure Employees’ Productivity When The Whole World Is On Wo

Not only India but the whole world is under lockdown. Work from home has become the norm. For businesses, this is turning out to be a big challenge. Monitoring empl
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Manage Your Global Shipment With Freight Forwarding Software

Managing logistics is the key for a business to overcome supply chain bottlenecks. But many businesses find it difficult to manage logistics. Thus, there is a need f
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