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CHL Softech, an ISO 9001:2015-incorporated website designing company in Bangalore, offers a wide range of website design options for small, medium, and large businesses as well.

Our website design agency in Bangalore employs highly skilled professionals and digital marketing specialists with a wealth of business experience. We combine the latest technology with time-tested techniques to create high-performing business websites and web applications that attract customers.

Let us help you expand your online presence with our professional web design

We Offer Full-Scale Website Design Services in BANGALORE

Bespoke Website Designs for Startups, Entrepreneurs, and Industries.

Corporate website design

The mission of our website designing services in Bangalore is to strengthen your brand's presence through online marketing. We are aware that your site serves as an initial impression for prospective customers. Thus, we provide an incredible and informative design that innovatively matches your business to depict what your company is about.

ECommerce Websites

Understanding the fact that the appearance and functionality of your website influence people’s perceptions of your business, we help you improve your online reputation with attractive designs. User-friendly CTAs and multi-category pages are features of our comprehensive eCommerce sites that guarantee a good experience for your customers.

Customized Website

It is the personalized touch that can make it stand out from others. As a professional website design company in Bangalore, we design websites so that your visitors can trust that you can provide supreme services

Landing Page Design

The landing page is the first point of contact for your customers, and it should draw their attention so they stick around to read more. Our website design services in Bangalore design unique landing pages for your business that powerfully grab and sustain your customer's attention.

Responsive Web Design

In today's highly digital environment, responsive design has become a necessity to provide an immersive, smooth browsing experience across various devices. Our unique website design services make sure that your website is flexible enough to suit the different needs of the whole audience.


As website design professionals, we provide enhanced wireframing services to outline the basic design and components of your website. This helps you see clearly what your website will look like from the users' perspective.

Graphics Design

Our team's rich creative proficiency ensures that you can have the assurance to take your website design to the next level. We bring to you exceptional graphic design services that will work towards building your brand and helping you create a strong online presence

Blog Website Design

The design of your blog page has a great influence on how your audience interacts with you. Consequently, our website designing company in BANGALORE delivers you distinctive blog page design services that showcase industry information and elevate users' interaction with your website.

Logo Design

The logo is one of the most important attributes of any brand, and it should be distinctive and identifiable. Whether it's re-conceptualizing a current logo or creating a new one, our designers focus on creating the most outstanding logo that represents your brand's innermost self.

Responsive Website Design Services: The Competitive Advantages

In the modern-day digital ecosystem, many smart devices of different screen sizes are used. Your website design needs to be fully responsive, adapting gracefully to each screen size in both the present and future. The responsiveness of website design allows the sites to be tailored to different people's devices and screens.

Here are the reasons why CHL Softech web design services stand out:

Enhanced search rankings

We start by immersing ourselves in understanding your business goals, target audience, and industry requirements. This helps us align our design approach with your unique needs.

Research and Data Gathering

Responsive Web design improves the site’s rank position in SERPs through enhanced site speed, usability, and content accessibility. Through the application of SEO best practices and providing optimum site interaction, our website designing company in Bangalore gets your website to rank higher in both organic and inorganic search results.

Reduced maintenance costs

The result of responsive web design is that you don't need to have a separate version of your site optimized for all devices. This no longer requires developers to make multiple versions. It also allows them to simplify the developmental life cycle. Furthermore, the adaptive design translates into lower web development and maintenance expenditures.

Improved online visibility

Engaging in conversion-centered web design services will reinforce your online presence and bring in your ideal customers. The right SEO for your website will keep it on top of online search results so that potential customers will find it regardless of the devices used and browsers.

Increased lead generation

Responsive web design supports the user experience on mobile devices, where many users conduct internet research and web browsing. Our website design services in Bangalore re-engineer your website to fit mobile platforms, creating a high-quality lead generation tool.

Expanded customer reach.

The website must be responsive and accessible to the ever-increasing audience because mobile web browsing is now outpacing desktop usage. When you work with us to create a WordPress website, we make sure that your website gives every user an unforgettable experience, which results in higher engagement and conversion rates.

Higher Conversion Rates

A responsive website provides a user-friendly mobile experience and thus helps to attain more conversions. Through uncluttered layout and fluent navigation, our website development company in Bangalore guides users to action, aligning with your marketing objectives.

Optimal Page Experience

A mobile user-friendly design is a requirement to have a good mobile experience, which in turn translates to more brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. Our website designing company in Bangalore focuses on providing a captivating and responsive experience that can be accessed on any device.

Our Web Design Process

Client Consultation

Our first interaction with you would be a discussion over the phone or email where we understand your needs and wants for this project. This empowers us to create a web design that reveals your brand values and fulfills strategic objectives after launch. Our website development services in Bangalore not only offer custom website design, but we also ensure that the users have a nice and easy time browsing your website.

Website Conceptualization

Our professional site architects transfer your concepts to layouts. This will help you study and rearrange the website layout before deploying it for the business. The website creation in itself involves the client approving the new web design, ensuring that it perfectly matches the client's expectations before spending further time and resources.

Development Phase

After approval of the updated website design, we progress to the stage of programming it. Our squad of competent developers is responsible for the creation of art-like websites using cutting-edge coding techniques that improve website load time and user-friendliness. Our Website Development Company in Bangalore aims to achieve this by writing codes with care to enhance your website’s performance and usability.

Website Launch

Once the coding is completed, the client is called upon to give his final approval of the newly revamped website. After the launch of the website, we carry out a thorough quality checkup and evaluate the user experience to verify the outstanding performance of the website. This, in turn, makes sure that the site is performing properly and can give users a top-class user experience.

Join the wave of digitalization by using our website design company in Bangalore

One of the key commitments of our website design services in Bangalore is to continue to evolve as a team and build websites that stand out and are winning.

Experienced Design Team

Our team is composed of various web experts, such as those in design and development, who bring their creativity and technical learning to each project.


Technology is Our Strength! At the crux of our expertise is the ability to synergize the latest technologies and advanced trends with our experience in order to deliver website design services that are geared to boost your conversion rates.

Stringent Quality Assurance

We, at CHL Softech, curate the perfect blueprint after carefully analyzing your profile. Our website design services in Bangalore can come up with impeccable concepts for an amazing web presence that will make you keep coming back for more.

A Structured Process

A well-planned website design is an essential element of your business success. We therefore strive to build a memorable site that is consumer-centric, with the aim of informing, interacting, and rewarding all critical paths.

Customized Project Management

After reviewing your business to identify the strategic objectives and specific features, we will prepare a detailed project plan crafted by a team of experienced experts who can contribute successfully to any given scenario.

Client Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our website development company in Bangalore has a large reserve pool of more than thousands of clients. We have nurtured clients' relationships by gaining their trust and delivering on our promise of 100% customer satisfaction.


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