Hey Folks,

We are ecstatic to announce the launch of our brand new product-Sales eZ. If you are one such individual who is lost in the maze of client handling, Sales eZ can be your way out. It is an automated ERP system to gather, store and analyze data and simplify the client handling process. So, if you are tired of confusing your client A with B, get yourself Sales eZ.

Sales eZ

Multiple Features Under One Roof

Sales eZ can be the umbrella software to provide you a variety of related services. Some of which are-

  • Active Dashboards
  • Client Data Bank
  • Keep Track Of The Clients
  • Independent Of The Desk
  • Accurate Sales Forecast
  • Real Time Data Reports
  • Consolidated Client Report
  • Analytical Data
  • Knowledge Collaboration
  • Conveyance Charge Report
  • Monthly Performance Reports
Sales eZ

With SALES EZ present at your desk you can guarantee to put an end to all your documentation worries.