Why Track Employee Time?

The time-tracking software creates accountability within teams and makes employees responsible for their own tasks. Employers can determine which employee completed certain tasks and how much effort and time was put into it time to finish the task. 

Time Tracking

The automated time tracker software leaves no time unaccounted for. Turn it automatically or manually when you log into the system. It runs unobtrusively in the background, tracking your offline and online time. 

Productivity Tracking

Desktime offers real-time data on employee efficiency and the time taken to complete assigned tasks. The software measures employee’s productivity during working hours and employee behavior and records task-based timelines. 

App & Document Tracking

Find out what employees are working on and how much time is dedicated to each document. Get information about the document titles, apps and social media used, chat groups names, and time spent on each one of them.

Project Tracking

Set realistic deadlines, allot work, and organize your team's workflow. Get an estimate of the potential costs of a new project and optimize costs. Determine each employee’s productivity and contribution to the project. 

Work Schedule

Plan each employee's work schedule and office timings independently, giving them the flexibility to work anytime and anywhere. Retain the highest talent and follow the work progress easily. 

Absence Calendar

Keep track of your employee’s time spent at work when working remotely or at the office. View real-time attendance information and organize shifts accordingly. 


Track each employee's behavior through a customized report feature. Apply data filters for personalized reports and get detailed insights and stats on each employee's performance. 

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Time task software encourages you and your employees to work better and avoid unwanted and counterproductive actions, such as a small task that requires you to leave your systems for 5 minutes. Employees can analyze their time to review their productive time and determine whether the extra jobs are interrupting their workflow or are inconsequential to their work. 

Using Desktime can help managers know how many tasks have been allotted to each member. This will help them find out which has more work and require help to complete the tasks. This helps in equal distribution of work and prevents burnout of employees.

Yes, your privacy is safe with Desktime. But some managers might become more enthusiastic about tracking employees' work and behavior. Desktime offers a Private time feature that disables the time tracker feature when doing private work during office hours. This helps maintain your privacy and allows employees to work without feeling insecure. 

Managers can get a holistic view of what their employees worked on during office hours. Employees, too, can show their progress to their managers and ask for help if required. Desktime enables transparency and accountability amongst employees and employers to maintain organizational productivity. Employers should effectively communicate the benefits of Desktime to their employees by promoting and informing them of these software advantages. 

Go to "Settings" Integrations after signing into your DeskTime account. Locate your project management application in the list, select "Activate," and then adhere to the simple directions. 

Employee Tracking Software

Employee Tracking Software

Employee Tracking Software is a digital tool business use to monitor and track their employees' activities and performance in the workplace. It allows employers to closely monitor their workforce, collect data on employee productivity, and identify areas where improvements can be made.

Employee Tracking System

Employee Tracking System typically includes time tracking, task management, attendance tracking, and performance analytics. It can be used to monitor remote workers, track work hours, measure project progress, and provide employee feedback and coaching.

Desk Time Software

Desk Time Software can improve productivity and efficiency, ensure compliance with labour laws and regulations, and enhance employee engagement and job satisfaction. It can also help businesses make data-driven decisions about promotions, training, and employee development.

Employee Tracking Software

While Employee Tracking Software can be useful for businesses, it is important to use it ethically and transparently. Employers should communicate to employees how their data is collected and used and respect employee privacy and confidentiality. Businesses can use Employee Tracking Software responsibly to help their workforce achieve their full potential while maintaining a positive work environment.

BEST Employee Time Tracking SOFTWARE – Desktime

The Best Employee Productiveness Enhancing SoftwareThe ultimate software that meets your ever-changing business operation circumstances to achieve your targets.

Amplify Your Organizational Productivity with Time Tracking Software Boost Employee EffectivenessRemove workplace distractions and keep a pulse on your employee’s work

Increase Business ProfitsOptimize resources allocations by gaining in-depth insights into employee’s projects

Get Workplace in OrderCreate strategies for capacity planning by organizing shifts, attendances, and bookings.

Maintain Work-Life BalanceEliminate burnout in your employees by giving break reminders and enabling private time.

IT Asset  Management

Integrate with any existing HR system
Desktime tracking tool supports HR with employee management by integrating several features, including screenshots, activity monitoring, advanced reporting, real-time tracking, automated payroll, invoicing, and scheduling, as well as online and offline tracking capabilities.


Boost Productivity

Stay Organized

Save Time

Amplify your productivity by 30% with the help of time tracking software

Create a high-performing team that consistently surpasses targets by using a time tracking and workforce management solution.

Enhanced efficiency

Eliminate distractions while keeping track of who is doing what and how things are progressing.

Lessen commercial losses

Extract insights to calculate project profitability and allocate resources.

Automate team administration

Set up a central location to manage shifts, absences, and booking-related queries.

Prevent burnout

With break reminders and private time, take care of your team and eliminate overworking.

IT Asset  Management

A holistic platform to operate small businesses
or giant corporations

A wholly customizable programme that can switched on or off for the entire business or certain users at your command. Handle everything from project managament, human resource planning, time tracking, and office administration.

No more using paper time sheets.

The automatic time tracker begins running as soon as you turn on the computer and ends when you shut it down. There is no need for manual entry or human error.

Supervise the Work

With URL and document title tracking, it's simple to stay up to date on the general development and work habits of your team at all times.

Boost your resources.

Create invoices, set hourly rates, estimate project costs, and keep tabs on spending. When you have a comprehensive understanding of all ongoing processes, project management becomes simple.

Run your business efficiently

DeskTime is more than simply a timer. On a single platform, you can manage a hybrid office, allocate shifts, track absences, keep track of remote workers, and more.

Maximizing Employee Performance with Employee Productivity Tracking

Employee Tracking Software is becoming increasingly popular among businesses of all sizes as a tool for enhancing employee performance. This software can help managers monitor employees' productivity, attendance, and overall performance. With the insights gained from Employee Tracking Software, managers can make data-driven decisions that improve efficiency, boost productivity, and increase profits.

Here are some ways that Employee Productivity Tracking Software can help you maximize your employees' performance:

1. Tracking Time and Attendance Employee Tracking Software allows managers to monitor their employees' time and attendance. This information can help identify patterns of tardiness or absenteeism, which can be addressed through targeted coaching and training. Additionally, accurate tracking of employee hours can help prevent overpaying employees for unworked time, saving your business money in the long run.

2. Identifying Areas for Improvement Employee Tracking Software can provide managers with detailed individual and team performance reports. These reports can help identify areas where employees may struggle or need additional training. By identifying these areas for improvement, managers can provide targeted coaching and support to help their employees succeed.

3. Providing Real-time Feedback Employee Tracking Software allows managers to provide real-time feedback to their employees. This feedback can be used to recognize excellent performance and address areas where improvement is needed. Real-time feedback helps employees feel valued and supported, which can increase their motivation and engagement.

4. Encouraging Healthy Competition

Employee Tracking Software can be used to create healthy competition among employees. By setting benchmarks and goals, employees can compete with each other to achieve the best results. This healthy competition can increase motivation and productivity, which can benefit the entire team.

Employee Productivity Tracking is a powerful tool for maximizing employee performance. By providing insights into employee productivity, attendance, and overall performance, managers can make data-driven decisions that increase efficiency, productivity, and profits. If you're looking for a way to enhance your employees' performance, Employee Tracking Software is worth considering.

Employee Tracking System is valuable for employers who want to improve their workforce's performance and efficiency. Here are some ways that Employee Productivity Tracking software can help employers:

  • Improved Productivity: Employee tracking systems can help managers and supervisors track employee activities and identify areas where productivity can be improved. It can lead to increased efficiency and a more productive workforce.

  • Setting performance benchmarks: Productivity tracking software can be used to set benchmarks and goals for employees. These goals can be tailored to individual employees or entire teams and help employees understand their expectations. It can increase motivation and productivity as employees work to achieve these goals.

  • Compliance: Many industries have regulations that require employee tracking, such as time tracking for hourly workers. Implementing an employee tracking system can help businesses stay compliant with these regulations.

  • Cost Savings: By tracking employee time and attendance, businesses can reduce payroll errors, ensure accurate pay checks, and avoid overpaying employees for time they didn't work.

  • Accountability: Employee tracking systems can help create a culture of accountability, as employees are likelier to stay on task and perform well when they know their activities are being tracked.

  • Employee Engagement: Employee tracking systems can provide employees with feedback and metrics related to their performance, which can help them feel more engaged and motivated to improve.

  • Enhancing communication: Productivity tracking software can improve communication between managers and employees. Managers can communicate more effectively with their employees by providing real-time feedback and performance data. It can help employees feel more engaged and motivated as they understand how their work contributes to the organization's goals.

In conclusion, productivity tracking desk time software is a powerful tool for employers who want to improve their workforce's performance and efficiency. Employers can create a more productive and engaged workforce by identifying areas for improvement, setting performance benchmarks, encouraging healthy competition, improving time management, and enhancing communication.

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