HR eZ- Intro

HR eZ- CHL Softech's comprehensive “Human Resource Management System” Software is a complete ERP Solution for end to end HR Functions and Employee Management within an Organization. Our HRMS is designed to empower corporates and give them an integrated solution while managing employees and important HR functions to fight the fast-changing business operation scenarios. We’re experts in guiding businesses through this transition phase we await during and post Covid 19 scenario. HR eZ is a one stop solution to the complete HR Fraternity packed with essential and crucial features of Work From Anywhere, MIS Management, Attendance Management, Employee Productivity Tracking and Management, Payroll Management, Leaves Management, Talent Management, Organization Calendar and much more all on our Integrated Cloud Platform HR eZ. HR eZ is designed to maximize employee performance and recognition in order to meet the Organization’s strategic goals and objectives. It focuses on management of people within companies, emphasizing on core HR functions, Policies and Systems.

Our Clients

HR eZ - Functionality

The Integrated Solution to a "Work From Anywhere" culture


Planning, hiring, managing and analyzing Human Resources spanning across multiple departments and locations within a global workforce


Organization & Functional structure management with employee recruitment, compliance, safety, policy implementation, internal relations and much more


Peer to peer management, performers of the month & year dashboards, reward programs across cross multiple departments and locations, monthly feedback forms


Work from Anywhere, Geo tagged and Geo fenced attendance management, benefits of personalized and flexible work shifts, month on month dynamic reporting


Enables complete management of employee’s financial records in a hassle free and automated manner, generation of salary slips, bonus, deductions, net pay and much more


Unique HOD functionality, access to configurable reports by role, visual dashboards for productivity & efficiency at work, report extraction-weekly/monthly

Benefits and features

We're the popular choice of HR Community, here's why

  • Complete Human Resource Management Software (HRMS)
  • Work from Anywhere Feature
  • Mobile and System Attendance Feature
  • Extensive Employee Productivity & Efficiency Report
  • Complete Payroll Management Solution
  • Organization Calendar Management
  • Department Specific Documentation Management
  • Training and Employee Development Programs
  • Mobile Attendance feature for Marketing & Sales teams
  • Employee Information Management System
  • 24*7 Accessibility on Cloud
  • User Friendly & Interactive GUI with Optimized Search Features

With HR EZ present at your desk you can guarantee to put an end to all your documentation worries.