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CHL LPMS, your Law Practice Management System to manage your law office, right from a 2 person or 2,000 person practice. CHL LPMS provides a flexible, integrated Law Practice Management Solution that focuses on your firm's growth and success right from on-boarding a new client, managing the hours spent by various resources in your office, reusing the materials from previous cases to invoicing and collection from the client.

Law Practice Management Software


Law Practice Management Software

Matter Management

Work on various cases and manage them effectively to ensure that every aspect of a case is well taken care of and you don't skip a single point associated with your case

Law Practice Management Software

Task Management

Work on varied tasks/events and schedule them accurately to manage court deadlines based on legal calendaring rules

Law Practice Management Software

Document Management

Organize crucial matter information including contacts, tasks, notes, documents, communications, and calendar events using CHL Law software.

Law Practice Management Software

Time & Billing

Track and record billable time and associate applicable fees with your matters for organized and efficient billing.


  • Cloud based
  • 24 x 7 online accessibility – Anywhere Anytime
  • Responsive - Device independent
  • Does away with duplication of data entry and labor
  • Stores and organizes data for easy retrieval, reporting and analysis
  • Ensures that processes and workflow are followed in the office
  • Increases consistency and efficiency through dependency on system (reduces dependability on individuals)
Law Practice Management Software

Single web-based interface to manage law related documnets, lawyers, clients etc.