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Mobile App - A Business Essential!

Mobile App - A Business Essential!

The world today is mobile-savvy. From seeking entertainment to purchasing even the basic needs, people are doing everything on mobile phones. Providing this ease of usability is Mobile apps. As such, mobile apps have become a business essential. For many businesses, mobile apps are the key to their growth. They open a world of opportunities for your business.
Some of the benefits of having mobile apps are:

Customer Engagement

Being available all the time, you can engage with the customers anytime using your mobile app. You can engage them with personalized content, distinctive features, and more.

Competitive Advantage

Investing in a mobile app will give you a competitive advantage. If you can develop an app with unique design and customer-centric features, you can outcompete your peers.

Builds Your Brand

A mobile app adds to your brand value. You can include all the brand elements into the app. Give a boost to your branding with personalised targeting. Also, the impact of your branding efforts are measurable with a mobile app.

Boosts Profits

With a mobile app, you can make your customer’s buying experience remarkable. Statistics show that a satisfied customer will come again seeking the same experience, thereby boosting your profits.

Hire Mobile Application Development Services

With over a decade of experience in mobile application development and serving a diverse clientele, CHL Softechhas earned the tag of being the best
mobile application development company in Noida. Our strength is our app development team. The team has an in-depth knowledge of technologies and
experience working on multidisciplinary app projects. As such, we are adept at providing customized app development solutions as per your requirements.
If you are looking to hire app developer, look no further than CHL Softech. Our mobile app development model involves

  • App Development Strategy

    App Development Strategy

    Our mobile app developers create a fail-proof strategy and implement it to make your business app a success. Immense research data goes in to prepare an app development strategy.

  • Mobile App Designs

    Mobile App Designs

    We provide unique mobile app designs customized to your business requirements. Our priority is in providing a great user experience and user interface (UX/UI) to your customer.

  • The Mobile App Development

    The Mobile App Development

    Our mobile app development team has rich experience in developing a variety of apps. We also have numerous freelance mobile developers on our roll call, offering us the ability to deliver results on stipulated deadlines.

  • Testing the Mobile App

    Testing the Mobile App

    The mobile app development team will test the app thoroughly for bugs. With our high-standard testing processes, we deliver the best performing mobile app only. We test it until we get it right.

Why Us?

Though price matters, one must hire mobile app developer based on other reasons too.
Here are the reasons to show you why you must hire us and why we stand out from our peers.

  • Multi-OS
    Development Ability

    Android, iOS, Swift, you name the technology, and we shall deliver the mobile app in the desired way. Choosing us means you hire developer with superior app development skills.

  • Technology

    For designing, developing, and testing the mobile app, we have exhaustive technological resources. The result is we deliver an optimally designed and error-free app.

  • Off-Shore

    Providing off-shore services is one of the primary features of CHL Softech. You can safely outsource your mobile app development to us. No matter the time differences, we will always be ready to communicate the progress.

  • Flexibility & 

    We have a flexible hiring model. You can hire us based on an hourly, full-time, or per need basis. Also, we provide scalability options for your mobile apps.

  • Secure

    From non-disclosure agreements to quality checking, we follow industry best standards. Your app development data will be safe with us.

  • Transparent

    We maintain a transparent billing process. The costs you may incur will be mentioned before the start of the project itself. No will be no hidden charges.

  • Maintenance

    We have a 24x7 support team to help you with any untoward incidents. Also, we offer maintenance support anytime you want.

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Mobile Apps That We Develop

Gaming Apps

When you hire app developer for games, experience and expertise are the key. We have such a team of gaming app developers who can deliver visually rich and complex mobile gaming apps. Hire us to provide a great gaming experience to your users.

E-Commerce Apps

Buying online is the new normal now. We develop eCommerce apps with seamless navigation, awesome UI/UX, and a fantastic buying experience.

Enterprise Apps

Integrate all your business processes within an app to boost your productivity, bring communication clarity, analyze business processes, and more.

E-Learning Apps

We develop e-learning apps with well-thought-out layouts for accurate content placement to provide an optimal learning experience to your users.

Payment Apps

We develop payment apps with seamless navigations and a great user experience while keeping safe and secure payments a priority.

Travel Apps

From simple informative apps to complex apps with many features, our team has a distinction of making unique travel apps.

Hybrid apps

We specialize in delivering hybrid model apps developed based on various platforms and technologies.

Custom Apps

Apart from the above, we are capable of developing any mobile app as you require. You just share your idea with us and we shall deliver a customised app.

Our Hiring Process

  • Step

    1We inquire about your requirements, such as the platform on which the app must be developed, the type of app, the purpose of the app, and more.
  • Step

    2Based on your requirements, we pool together our resources and ready the app development team.
  • Step

    3Once you are satisfied with the team, we shall sign the business agreement documents and begin the work.
  • Step

    4Our team will have a project manager who will be your communication channel. All the details regarding with the project will be shared by the Project Manager.
  • Step

    5After the app development phase, we begin testing the app for various parameters. We deliver only an error-free app.
  • Step

    6You can hire our maintenance and support services for the efficient functioning of the app.

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