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Make you business 24x7

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With 24x7, we ensure increased utilization of capital investment, improvements in customer service, and sizable operational advantages & smooth business operations.

Advertise yourself

Go viral

Advertising yourself is key towards the success, the more you advertise & more you will be known in the market.

Customer Friendly

All the time available

A business to earn brand advocacy & loyalty with time interest, we should instill customer-friendly policies.Businesses that go the extra mile for clients always wins the race.


Be found...

The state of being visible instantly & effortlessly at a go.

Why to opt for AMC ?

The fast paced developments in technology, the ever increasing dependence of businesses on the internet and the perils posed by viruses, hacking, etc. are making continuous monitoring and human support inevitable.

  • Keep your website updated: Make quick changes to your website to align with business requirements. Maintaining your website on a regular basis will help you to make customers aware about your business updates.
  • Protect your site and reputation: Dealing with a hacked website can take up enormous amounts of your time, it can also cause a lack of trust with visitors coming to your site. One of the most frequent reasons a website becomes infected is not keeping up with the latest security patches. Websites today are under constant attack, on both the web hosting server and the software actually running the website.
  • Pocket Friendly : Low Maintenance Charge with package options to meet different needs.
  • Professional Support : Easily accessible support if you face any issue.

Crystal Hues is intimately familiar with website systems, software and programs and we regularly monitor, and implement updates while maintaining backups – keeping your site secure and your reputation intact.
The bottom line is that your website is your business office on the internet, which requires maintenance much like office maintenance, to keep things in good working order, safe, and running efficiently.

Task performed under AMC:

  • Updating/ Editing Service Request
  • Check Page Load Time
  • Check inquiry form
  • Scan website and resolve any malicious file issue
  • Update plugins
  • Keep WordPress & Genesis updated
  • Take complete backup
  • Website Performance Checking
  • Monthly website Traffic Report
  • Broken Link Check & Correct
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