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Hire Android App Development Company

Hire Android App Development Company
for Industry Domination

Android apps dominate the global mobile apps landscape. With over 2.57 million apps and 70% of the global mobile apps market share, you must not ignore Android OS. Thus, designing and developing a beautiful Android app with intuitive functionalities will help your business grow. And you need to hire android app programmer who can develop such an app.

Here we are, CHL Softech, the android app development company, offering the best app development services. Through us, you will hire a dedicated android app developer. We wish to see your business grow with the help of our services.

Why Us?

Only hire android app programmer who can provide end-to-end solutions. CHL Softech primes at providing such solutions. From app ideation to developing unique features and embedding branding elements, we provide 360° android app development solutions.

Here are some of the unique Service offerings that will make you choose us.

  • Experience

    We have over a decade of experience in Android app development for businesses from multiple sectors. It will come in handy in developing a unique app for you.

  • Expertise

    A coherent team of skilled developers will be at your service when you hire us. Our passionate team will not shy away from challenges and provide unique solutions. We guarantee that you will get the app that you desire.

  • Tech Stack

    Our team has the unique ability to integrate any technology, tool, or programming language into your android app. We have the expertise to incorporate the latest technologies like AI, blockchain, and others.

  • Flexibility

    We offer flexible hiring. Based on your needs, you can either hire us on an hourly basis, full-time or part-time basis.

  • Competitive Advantage

    We research your business needs, analyze your competitor’s apps and ideate a unique app solution. With our thorough research, we guarantee that your app will have a competitive advantage.

  • On-Time Delivery

    We understand that a delayed app delivery will lead to financial loss. It is why we adhere to strict delivery deadlines. You will receive a high-quality Android app at the decided delivery date.

  • Remote Service

    Off-shore android app development is one of our key services. No matter which country you are from and from any time zone, we are always available to serve you.

  • Data Security

    Keeping data secure is one of our key priorities. We follow stringent data sharing policies within the organization and guarantee that your app information is safe.

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Android App Development Services We Offer

Hire developer from CHL Softech for various app development services.
Our enthusiastic team is always ready to deliver the best results.

  • Custom Android App Development

    Custom Android App Development

    Get a customized app just the way you want it. No matter the complexity, we shall make your idea come to fruition with our experience and expertise.

  • Android Gaming App Development

    Android Gaming App Development

    Our game app developers have exhaustive knowledge of developing attractive Android gaming apps. Hire us to get an immersive game app.

  • Android Enterprise App Development

    Android Enterprise App Development

    Coordinate, communicate, and collaborate across your business departments with our Android Enterprise App. We offer customized features inclusion in the app based on your needs.

  • Android Wearable App Development

    Android Wearable App Development

    The usage of wearable tech is on the rise, and so is the demand for apps. At CHL Softech, we have a competent team that can develop Android apps for wearable devices. We design beautiful apps with optimal functions that will make an impact.

  • Android Tablet and TV Apps Development

    Android Tablet and TV Apps Development

    Being an end-to-end android app development service provider, we develop Android apps for tablets and TVs too. We always follow the latest trends and keep ourselves up to date with the emerging tech.

  • AR/VR Android Apps

    AR/VR Android Apps

    Developing apps for new-age technologies like AR and VR requires a specific skill. Our android app developers are proficient in new tech and are happy to help you.

  • App Maintenance

    App Maintenance

    Development and deployment are routine in the app development process. But, we go beyond that by extending app maintenance and support services to our clients. Through our maintenance support, we make sure that the app performs seamlessly.

  • QA and Testing

    QA and Testing

    We do not deploy an app unless it passes our stringent Quality Analysis and Testing processes. Our approach to delivering apps follows the no-error at any cost approach, because of which we can develop exceptional Android apps.

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