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CHL Technologies is a one-stop-destination for all your digital needs. Over the years we have helped our clients grow with products that streamline their businesses and build in better working processes. Some of our products include:

EXIM eZ (Export Import Management System)

We all know the horror of the paperwork and the documentation involved while keeping a track of your Import-Export transactions, freight details and forwarding details. We bring to you the solution to this - 'EXIM eZ'.

HR eZ (HR Applications)

A full ERP solution for an organization's end-to-end HR functions and employee management including Work From Home enabling features like Attendance and Productivity Tracking with Transparent Monitoring of Employees.

Business eZ (Project Management System)

If you are looking for a business management solution, then you have stumbled upon just the right email. We bring to you- Business eZ. It is a software to provide solutions to all your project management and also automate the workflow of the project while helping you adhere to the quality control process.

Inventory eZ (Inventory Management System)

Grow your business and streamline your inventory management with Inventory eZ.With Inventory eZ you'll be streamlining your inventory system processes within minutes.

IT Sam eZ (IT ~/Content Management)

Information Technology and Software Asset Management is comprehensive cloud-based application that tracks all IT ~/Content as well as Software ~/Content within the organisation right from the acquisition to its deployment.

Sales eZ (Marketing Management System)

We are ecstatic to announce the launch of our brand new product-Sales eZ. If you are one such individual who is lost in the maze of client handling, Sales eZ can be your way out. It is an automated ERP system to gather, store and analyze data and simplify the client handling process.

Survey eZ(Customized Survey Management System)

We know how difficult it is to create and manage surveys/polls. Survey eZ from our experts is the perfect solution to the endless challenges that one faces while conducting a poll online.

Learn eZ (E-Learning Portal)

An amazing application that automates the learning management right from the course instructor to the pace at which the learner is learning. Learn eZ is the best tool for any HR or Learning and Development department that is tasked with managing the training and managing the training and learning effectiveness in the organisation.

LPMS (Law Practice Management System)

CHL LPMS, your Law Practice Management System to manage your law office, right from a 2 person or 2,000 person practice.

DESKTIME (Employee Time Tracking Software)

Desktime offers real-time data on employee efficiency and the time taken to complete assigned tasks. The software measures employee's productivity during working hours and employee behavior and records task-based timelines.