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The Trending Programming Languages

The computing world is full of jargon and complex coding. Choosing a programming language for your business from among the diverse programming languages is often confusing.

When you go to a software development company for developing an application, you will be bombarded with many technical questions, and the choice of the programming language is one of them.

In this blog, we shall give you a general idea about the trending programming languages so that you can deal thoughtfully with a software development company that you may hire.

  • Python Python is a versatile programming language with diverse applications. From web development to software applications, the programming language has applications for many things. The language is simple to code, with syntaxes almost English-like. Due to this reason, Python is the preferred language for most businesses. Python has huge library support, and its developer base is vast. Popular web applications like Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube are using Python for its scalability.
  • JavaScript If you are looking to develop interactive frontend apps, then JavaScript is the best-suited programming language. Thus, JavaScript is predominantly used in web development, server-side scripts, mobile applications, etc. Currently, JavaScript is the most used programming language in the world. It is ubiquitous across platforms. The language’s efficiency in running everywhere is the reason for its popularity.
  • Ruby Ruby is predominantly used for web development. It is one of the popular scripting languages for web development and is used in Ruby on Rails web application framework. The language has a straight forward syntax. Popular tech companies like Twitter, Shopify, Airbnb, run on this programming language.
  • Swift If you are looking for developing applications for iOS, then you need the Swift programming language. As the share of iPhones in the world market is increasing, so is the use of the Swift programming language. It is exclusively used for developing mobile applications for the iPhone. Business enterprises that are looking to develop an iPhone application for their business use Swift programming language.
  • Java Java has been a trending programming language since its inception. The language is particularly used for developing an enterprise-level software application. This is a shortcoming that led to languages like Python and JavaScript to gain in prominence. But, the language has recently gained prominence due to the launch of a Jave-based framework for Android by Google. Java is an object-oriented interpreted programming language. It is especially used for back-end development for enterprise-level applications.
  • GO Golang or Go programming language is another language that is trending in recent years. Built by Google, the programming language is best suited for data-distribution networks, web servers, and machine learning packages, which are presently in demand due to the usage of Artificial Intelligence by enterprises.

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