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The online space is full of marketing gimmicks. A scroll down your mobile screen, you will find tonnes of advertisements shouting out loud that they have the best Human resource software in the world.

But, what exactly a top human resource management software entails?

Core HR Management Functions

The function of human resource management software (HRMS) is to maintain a central database where all the information generated through HR activities is stored. As such, a top HR management software must have the following core HR functions.

  • Employee personal information
  • Employment history
  • Each employee’s job profile
  • Details of Promotions
  • Workflow details
  • Pay raises
  • Benefits and other details

These are the functions that every HR manager wishes to be automated. The core functions make for organized HR management. They ease the administrative time of HR managers and give them time to increase employee productivity, work on recruitment, company culture, and branding.

Payroll Management

Payroll management is another critical function of an HRMS. It fast paces employee's salary calculation based on pre-set criteria. The function automatically takes into account the leaves taken and extra work done by the employee, and the salary is calculated accordingly.

Employee Accessibility

While an HRMS is a back-end facility for HR managers, the hallmark of a top human resource management is its accessibility to employees. Employees must be able to view their personal information, raise queries, and change their details. Thus, the software you use must provide your employees with access to information anytime and from anywhere.

Cloud-based Software

Ease of access from anywhere and at any time is an added advantage of an HRMS. Such software makes the life of both HR managers and employees easy. Thus, HRMS software that is cloud-enabled is the best.

With cloud-based software, all you need is a computer system with a working internet to access the software remotely.

Mobile Application

In this day and age, smartphone usage is on the rise. A top human resource management software will be available as a mobile application too. It will have a better user interface and user experience. Better adaptability to every screen size and more.


Not all businesses require the same features of an HRMS. Each business has different HR requirements. Thus, a one-size-fits-all type of software is a waste of money. Therefore, customizability is one of the key features of top HR management software. Either a small business or a large corporation, the software must be customizable to fit the needs of the business.


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