Why There Are Different Programming Languages For The Different Requirements?

As a non-technical business owner, it is natural to have confusion in the technical world. Lack of technical knowledge makes working with a web developer or designer that much difficult.

The most often cited paint point by non-technical business owners is about the availability of different programming languages and which one to use for their website development.

Terms like HTML, CSS, PHP, Java, Python, etc., appear like a jargon. These are programming languages used for web development and design. When you know what these languages do and how they are used, you will have no problem changing your web design or developing a new website.

Here is a guide from an expert on website designing and development from Delhi, on the use of different programming languages for different requirements.

  • Platform and System Compatibility A business website must be compatible with many devices and operating systems. If not, you will lose out customers. The compatibility of your website is dependent on the programming language with which your website is built. For example, JavaScript is the most preferred language for web development. It offers high user interactivity on a web browser. For this reason, JavaScript is mostly used for the front-end development of a website.
  • Flexibility in Design The type of website you seek - the user experience and user interface also determines the choice of programming language. Currently, the majority of the website is dynamic with many design elements to attract the attention of the visitor. Choosing a programming language that offers flexibility in design would help you with this. Languages such as HTML5, Python, JavaScript, and C++ are commonly used for their design flexibility. These languages offer easy source code modification to get the desired design.
  • Performance Web developers choose a programming language depending on the performance requirements of a website. They determine the programming language based on the traffic the site would generate, the activities people do on your website, the volume of information that you will store on the site, etc. For example, programming languages like PHP, Python, Ruby, MEAN, CSS, and JavaScript are used for developing e-commerce sites.
  • Security Code security is of prime importance these days. As a business owner, you must protect your website users from cyber frauds, and also your website from being hacked. When you seek the help of a professional agency offering website designing and development in Delhi, it will suggest the right programming language for your website.


There are many programming languages in the market, but to choose the right one for your project, it is better to seek professional advice.

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