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Why Does your Startup Needs an Interactive Website

Imagine entering a store where there are two salespersons ready to serve you. While one of the salespeople is monotonous and defines features and product prices with nothing much to offer. But, the other salesperson is lively, enthusiastic, and is eager to clear all your doubts regarding the products. Whom do you prefer? The second salesperson. Similar is the case with an interactive website. It provides a better shopping experience and brings value to a customer. And as a startup, your need for an interactive website is more than other businesses.

The first thing you must do as a startup is to find customers who want to buy your products or services. According to one research, 70% of consumers prefer online shopping while buying from small businesses. Thus, having a website is your best bet to attract customers, and an interactive website will enhance your sales prospects. Not only sales but an interactive website also has other benefits. According to a reputed website designing and development company in Noida, the benefits are as below.

Gives A Self-Service Experience

Thanks to the digitization of the world, consumers now seek self-service experience. They want to know about your business and products first-hand. From choosing the product to making the purchase, they want to have full control of the sales process. These are possible with an interactive website. Micro-interactions such as commenting, clicking to play a video, selecting a product, etc., of an interactive website UI UX Design Company in Noida gives the user a self-service experience. Great user experience will likely make the customer return to the site.

As a strtup, you need to find ways to gain new customers and retain existing customers. An interactive website is your best bet.

Scope For Personalisation

In an interactive website, each interaction is measurable. The clicks, the views, the time spent on a page, etc., are measurable. By the knowledge you gain from the data, you can personalize the website experience for each customer. A personalized experience is a sales booster. You can create a customized personal experience by creating relevant content, directing the customer towards what they are searching for, increased interactions, etc.

Attracts Investors

An interactive website attracts investors. In this day and age, any potential investor will search about your startup on the internet first. Thus, having an interactive website with all the right ingredients will give credibility to your startup and gain the trust of the investor.

Good for Visibility

A reliable website with good traffic always attracts the attention of Google. The search engine's algorithms will be favorable to such a site and give a higher rank. Thus, having an interactive website will increase the visibility of your business in the online world.


An interactive website has many benefits and is the need of the hour. With it, you can be at a competitive advantage. If you are looking to have an interactive website for your startup, CHL Softech, the best Website Development Company in Noida, is here to help you. Please contact us for more details.

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