Web App Vs Mobile App: Which One Is The Best For Your Business


Today, for any business or organization a mobile presence is necessary; but the question here is what is better, a mobile app or a website app, or perhaps both. Both might look similar at first and choosing which is more suited to your business depends on various other factors such as your target audience, budget, purpose and required features.

Difference Between Website App and Mobile App

Before considering the benefits of both it is necessary to understand the main difference between the two. Firstly, both the web app and mobile app are accessed on smartphones and tablets. A web app is just like any other website that has browser-based HTML pages and can be accessed over the Internet on any browser. The main thing that differentiates it from a normal website is that it is designed for smartphone/tablet and for touch-screen interface.

On the other hand, apps are actual applications that have to be downloaded on your smartphone; users can download them from Apple’s App Store, Google Play Store, or Blackberry App World. Content and data are pulled from the Internet or might download it so that you can access it without the Internet.

Which is Better - Mobile App or Website App?

Deciding on whether to go for a mobile app or website app depends upon your end goals. If it is an interactive game then a mobile app would be best but if you want mobile-friendly content for the wide audience then a web app would be great. In most cases, you might need both but you can also go for a mobile app without any web app with the help of Web Development Services in Noida.

Generally, a website app should be the first step in developing your presence, whereas a mobile app is great for a very specific purpose.

Advantages of Website App vs. Mobile App

If your end goal is related to marketing or public communications then a website app is always going to make sense. This is because a website app has a number of advantages over mobile apps:

1- Website Apps Are Instantly Available

Website apps are instantly accessible on any browser across a range of devices.  Whereas mobile apps require the user to first download and install the app from an app market before viewing the content.

2- Website Apps are Compatible across Devices

Website apps can reach users across different types of mobile devices, whereas mobile apps have to be developed separately for every type of device.

3- Website Apps Can Be Updated Instantly

Website app is more dynamic than the mobile app as it can update content easily. Changes in the design or content can simply be done and published by editing once; while updating a mobile app requires the updates to be pushed to users.

4- Website Apps Can be found easily

Website apps are easier to search as the pages can be displayed in search results this makes it easy for visitors to find you. In contrast, the visibility of mobile apps is restricted to manufacturer app stores.

5- Website Apps Can be shared easily

Website URLs are easily shared between users via a simple link. Publishers can direct their users to website app from a blog or a website. An app cannot be shared like this.

When Does a Mobile App Make Sense?

Despite the many benefits of a website app, mobile apps are still very popular, and there are various reasons:

1- Interactivity/Gaming: For highly interactive games a mobile app is the best choice.

2- Regular Usage/Personalization: If the target audience is going to use a mobile app in a personalized fashion then the mobile app provides a great way to do that.

3- Complex Calculations: If you want to manipulate the data with complex calculations, charts or reports then a mobile app will help you.

4- Push Notifications: Mobile apps can send push notifications to users giving app publishers the ability to send messages to users directly.

Why hire CHL Softech for application development?

Web app and mobile app have become critical for the growth of your business in the present world. If you are looking for developing a web application mobile application for your business, then CHL Softech can help. CHL Softech is one of the leading Application Development Company in Noida offering top-notch services.

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