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UI and UX Trends for Web Design

Every year, we see technological advancements pushing the boundaries of User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX) designs. Businesses are investing heavily in new trends for better customer satisfaction.

In 2020, you must look out for these 5 UI & UX design trends that designers are likely to adopt. 

1.Asymmetrical Layouts

Gone are the days of block layouts. At a time when personalization has become the norm, block layouts on a website limit the scope for personalization. Businesses and designers are thus relying on asymmetrical layouts.

Asymmetrical layouts provide endless design possibilities. As asymmetrical layouts are not template-based, designers can fully utilize their creative potential to create a website with great UI & UX. It brings dynamism to the website. Adds character and personality to the design.

2. 3D-Graphics

Once restricted by the hardware capabilities of the devices, 3D-graphics are making a comeback due to the improved capabilities of web browsers. 3D-graphics adds an element of interactiveness and creates a mobile UI unlike any. As a business, you can detail your products in and out with 3D-graphics. It takes user experience to another level.

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3. Storytelling

Storytelling can enhance the overall UI/UX of a website. Through a blend of copywriting and visual display, you can create a story to convey your message to the audience. As such, the story form is an effective marketing tool. It generates positive emotions and develops a lasting relationship with your audience.  
Image Courtesy: Eight Arms

4. Skeuomorphic Design

This year you will see the comeback of skeuomorphic design. Elements in this design are created in a realistic style. The look and feel of the website mimic real-life objects. But this year, the design will come with new features where the key highlight will be attention to detail. It adds a new dimension to the UX of the website.
Image Courtesy: Dribble

5. Microinteractions

In UI/UX design, small yet subtle changes will have a huge impact. Microinteractions are such small features in the design that creates a huge impact. By having the right micro interactive features in the design, you can create a great user experience. Your digital products will reach another level in providing customer satisfaction.

In this new year, we hope that by adopting these UI/UX design trends, you will achieve the success you desire.

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