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Trends of Mobile app Development to watch for in 2022

Mobile apps are indispensable to almost all netizens today. All major businesses have a mobile app these days. They are easy to use, fast, and extremely accessible for the modern consumer. It is no wonder that the app development industry is booming. More and more young professionals are choosing this as a career path. By the end of this year, the mobile app market value is expected to reach around $693 billion. There are a large number of Application Development Companies in Bangalore. The trends that they should be looking out for this year are discussed below.

  • Advent of 5G:

5G technology is not new. It has been there for quite some time. But now companies have started to switch to this technology completely. We can find 5G enabled mobile or tablets in the market now. By the year 2023, it is expected that 660 million smartphones will have 5G connection. That is over 47% of all the devices in the market.

5G is said to be 100 times faster as compared to 4G. Latency is currently around 50 milliseconds in 4G. It is expected to reduce to 1 millisecond. Data transfer shall be smoother and faster.

Experts say that 5G technologies shall allow app developers to introduce additional features in the mobile app without hampering performance or speed. 

  • Popularity of foldable devices:

Foldable devices are set to be in vogue in a few years. As per reports by Statista, 50 million units shall be shipped in this year alone. Foldable devices add to user convenience. Unfolding a device can provide a larger screen that can be used for multiple purposes, as enumerated below:

  • A larger screen means more viewing area, thus a more immersive experience for viewers. Now you shall be able to watch a movie on a screen larger than that your mobile offered
  • More screen space means one can open multiple windows at a time. Hence multitasking is easier in foldable devices.

OTT apps and gaming apps shall reap the maximum benefits from foldable devices. Hence, app developers should be developing apps that are compatible with this emerging market to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Increased use of AR and VR:

AR and VR provide a more immersive experience to viewers. Some apps are already reaping the benefits of this technology. Some examples are:

  • L’oreal has launched virtual makeup apps. One can easily determine how makeup shall look on her face using this app.
  • Lenskart allows users to virtually try out a pair of glasses in order to determine if it suits their facial structure.
  • Asian Paints has an app that displays how the wall of your home would look upon the application of a certain shade of color.
  • Google has introduced “Live View” where users can check directions in real–world imagery.
  • Apple has partnered with Ikea to launch the Studio Mode feature. It uses LiDAR technology. One can simply point their device to a place where he or she intends to place a piece of furniture. LiDAR technology then scans the room and shows how the furniture would look in the specified corner.
  • Wearable devices:

As per data provided by Statista, wearable devices have already reached 453 million in 2017. The number is expected to rise to 929 million by the end of this year. This year there have been many changes in this industry. Apple has recently announced an update for Watch OS8. New features have been introduced and the interface has been redesigned.

This trend is sure to catch on in the coming year. App developers should be keeping this in mind and preparing themselves to delve into this area of app development. Only then they shall be able to provide a smooth digital experience to the app user. 

  • Grocery apps:

Following the onset of the pandemic and increased work from home opportunities, people are fast losing the habit of stepping out on a daily basis. An increasing number of people now rely on grocery apps for their daily needs. These apps get groceries delivered to your doorstep extremely fast and conveniently. The need for such apps is increasing rapidly. There has been a 40.9% rise in usage of grocery app users in the year 2020 alone. App developers who specialize in creating apps related to this field shall find no dearth of work this year.

  • Food delivery apps:

With most restaurants being closed during the pandemic, people have started ordering in like never before. These apps have seen a 32.9% growth in recent times. These apps are set to become an integral part of the life of the millennial. Hence app developers should try to capitalize on this growing trend and focus on these sectors.

  • AI and machine learning:

Apps such as FaceApp and MyHeritageApp have been launched in the market and are grabbing the attention of the tech-savvy masses. Using MyHeritageApp, a photo can be converted into realistic animation. One can generate moving pictures of their loved ones using this app. One can even feel as if his or her loved one is smiling at him. This app, like many others, uses Artificial Intelligence.

AI and Machine Learning are fast growing to be the newest trends in the app development industry. The machine learning industry is said to be growing at a CAGR of 42 percent. It is supposed to be valued at $9 billion in the year 2022.

  • Mobile Application Security:

As the number of apps we install on our mobile increases, so does the risk of accidentally downloading malicious software. Your mobile becomes susceptible to attack from this software. These days work-related data are also being shared via mobile apps. Hence the risk of data leakage and breach of confidentiality is becoming a cause of concern among many. Therefore digital security is fast becoming a booming field. Thus app developers should be keeping data security as a top priority while doing their work.

The competition in the field of mobile app development is often cutthroat due to more number of young professionals entering this field of work. However, it goes without saying that with increase in the volume of work due to more apps being developed, a might find no dearth of work here. This article shall help out application development companies in Bangalore who strive to stay ahead in the competition.

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