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Top tools to learn for Web Developers in 2022

The market of web development is expanding at an unprecedented rate. In the current scenario, even the smallest of businesses have a website of their own. Owning a web page shall cease to be optional in the years to come. Coders are flocking to this field of web development due to the increasing demand as well as the wide scope of career development.

But the job of a web developer becomes rather difficult if he or she does not have access to the latest tools of the trade. Web development tools help in increasing the productivity and accuracy of the task. Hence, web developers are always in search of new tools to ease their life. Here we shall discuss a few of the tools used by a major website designing and development company in Noida.

  • Chrome developer tools:

This tool lets a web developer check whatever is going on in the browser. It lets one analyze various HTML elements, check JavaScript and CSS as well. It also shows details of the downloaded scripts and network connections. It can be used for browser-based debugging processes as well. It is widely used by front-end web developers and is sure to earn more popularity this year. 

  • VS Code:

This is a go-to tool for most web developers. It is both powerful as well as a lightweight tool. It originally comes with basic features. But any web developer can customize it as per his or her requirements by downloading the necessary extensions. These extensions include debugging tools, cloud deployment facilities like AWS and Azure, and so on.

  • Postman:

APIs are indispensable in the field of web development today. Postman is a wonderful tool that allows web developers to interact with those APIs. It comes in handy when you try to familiarize yourself with a third-party library. Web developers can use commands such as POST and GET requests. It also allows you to set request headers, access HTTP metadata or examine response headers. Postman can also be used for testing of REST API. Hence it has proved to be an essential tool for both front-end as well as back-end web developers.

  • GitBash:

If you prefer to use Windows for your work and are habituated to working in the command line, then GitBash shall prove to be a very useful tool for you. It is true that IDEs like VS Code already provide Github integration, but at times, while working with large blocks of code, GitBash provides an edge over traditional systems. It is also widely used by web developers in merging multiple changes from different branches.

  • Docker:

Containers are essential in modern coding practice. They make deployment rather easy and a lot smoother. Traditionally coders used to deploy their application and dependencies separately. But nowadays, a new trend is emerging in the field of web development. Now, web developers simply deploy a container. Thus it becomes relatively easy to manage the same. Docker comes in handy to most web developers in this respect.

  • Node Package Manager (NPM):

When web developers work on a project, they usually have to import and use a wide variety of JavaScript frameworks and libraries. Some of them include Vue.js used for frontend development, React.js for UI and Jest library. It is used to put modules in their appropriate places in order to enable nodes to find them easily. This tool also aims to manage dependency conflicts efficiently. It can also be used to discover, develop, publish, and install node programs. Web developers can explore the tool in further detail by running NPM in order to obtain a detailed list of commands available.

  • Jasmine:

Jasmine is an extremely useful and intuitive tool. It mimics user behavior on your website. It facilitates testing the web page to a great extent. A web developer can test the front end of the web page for checking click clarity, visibility, and how responsive the UI is in varied resolutions. It can also automate the behavior of the users of the web page with customized delays and some wait time in order to make the testing scenario more accurate and similar to actual user behavior.

  • Cloud:

Cloud computing platforms are the talk of the town in the web development industry. Cloud computing platforms such as Azure (by Microsoft), AWS (Amazon Web Service) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) are already widely popular among web developers. These cloud computing platforms are particularly useful in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data Analysis. 

For working professionals, it shall be prudent to learn the cloud computing platform that their company is using. It shall be beneficial for you to invest your free time learning GCP if your work involves TensorFlow, neural network, or Python Pandas. If you happen to be a freelancer, then it shall be safer to learn AWS. It is one of the best general cloud platforms and shall be a great addition to your resume.

  • Webpack:

Webpack is a highly efficient tool that puts your assets such as CSS, images, fonts, and Javascript in a dependency graph. You can use the function required () to point to local files in the source code. You can also decide how the same is processed in the final Javascript bundle, such as the replacement of a path with a given URL that points to a CDN.

  • Jenkins:

Most big web development companies use CI/CD tools for their projects. Jenkins is an extremely useful tool for CI/CD. If you wish to build a career in the field of web development, then it shall be very beneficial to you if you manage to get a clear grasp of the working of Jenkins pipeline. It shall help you immensely in case you need to set up one for use in your project.

It is true that there are a huge number of web development tools available in the market. Being a master in all of them is very difficult. However, it is advisable that you have preliminary knowledge of at least some of these web development tools. If you wish to work for a big website designing and development company Noida, then you should start learning the above-mentioned tools without much ado.

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