Top Python Frameworks For Web Apps Development in 2021

Python is dominating the web and application development world. There are millions of applications provided by it and is the most demanded technology over the years. This is because of the Python frameworks and the in-house libraries that enhance the programming game.

Python frameworks make the job of an App Development Company in Noida effortless. As the developers are offered a prospected structure of the application, automated solutions, and hence minimizes development time. In this blog, we are going to discuss the top Python frameworks and by the end, you will come to know which framework is better for your professional journey.

But first, let’s discuss the categories under which the different frameworks are classified.

Python Framework Categories

1- Full-Stack Framework

Also known as enterprise framework, this is all-in-one solution having configured libraries. They support the front-end and back-end and provide everything a developer needs. Full-stack is used for large applications as it has MVC (model-view-controller) architecture.

2- Microframework

This works without a web template engine, input validation, authentication function, and database abstraction. The framework provides necessary templates and requires minimal coding. But some can extend the database or template engines.

3- Asynchronous Framework

This framework handles large sets of synchronized connections. There are non-blocking sockets and they work on the async io library of Python. The core concept followed by it is one task can start running before the previous task is complete.

Now, let’s see the top five most efficient Python frameworks.

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List of Python Frameworks

1- Django

This one is an open-source framework and is a full-stack framework. It is fast and versatile and has the properties of authorization, template engine, object-relation mapper, and database schema migration. The ORM maps objects to database tables. The framework works with popular databases and features to work flexibly as a full-stack creating small to complex web applications.

2- CherryPy

This one is a quick and steady open-source framework and has its multi-hung server. It facilitates developers to developing web applications just like other object-oriented Python programs in less time and has all the capabilities such as session handling, static content, encoding, caching, authentication, etc. It can at once run various HTTP servers on multiple ports and runs on Python 2.7+, 3.5+, PyPy, Jython, and Android and has a robust configuration system.

3- Falcon

Those projects that demand coding and development of REST APIs, this framework is a lightweight option as it has REST. With this app development company in Noida can build apps with a clean design and you don’t have to take a load of dependencies for building HTTP APIs. It is unique because of Cython support that allows the programmer to write extensible and highly-optimized codebases.

4- Web2py

This is developed by Massimo De Pierro and is a cross-platform full-stack framework that follows MVC architecture. There is also a code editor, debugger, and deployment tool that are useful for application maintenance. There is also a unique ticketing system that issues a ticket when any error takes place. The framework has built-in components and can read multiple protocols.

5- Pyramid

This framework works with minimum difficulty and can house applications of any size and can create complex applications. It specifies the packaged asset location and makes use of predicates and renderers. The framework allows URL generation; templating engine or database can be mutually swapped out. There is also XHR views and decorators. It supports the SQLAlchemy database.

Which Python Framework is the Best Choice?

Python is the popular programming language and each framework has its own features. Choosing the framework depends on the developers as what coding styles and preferences they wish to add to a particular framework.

The above-mentioned Python frameworks for web application development are better and you can find the perfect fit for you. For any successful project, you need to choose the right framework.

You might have found the list of frameworks interesting and Python still has much more to offer. Some other Python frameworks are TurboGears, Sanic, Pylon, CubicWeb, Pycnic, AIOHTTP, and many more.

At CHL Softech, our developers love to use Python for developing advanced web solutions. Being a trusted Python App Development Company in Noida, we proactively upgrade our methods and frameworks.

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