Top Features to Be Included In Food and Recipes Mobile Apps

The days of searching for a food recipe in a cookbook for your favourite cuisine are gone. Nowadays, mobile app for food and recipe are more popular for learning to cook a new variety of delicious food. These mobile apps are beneficial in various ways; they provide you with all the required instructions to make a homemade meal or any weekend special.

Why Invest In Food And Recipes Mobile App Development?

As per the recent report, food and recipe platforms have a market share of 22,755,800 people that are from worldwide, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, India, Ireland, Pakistan, and many more. And the users are of the age group of 18 and plus. Food lovers search from various mediums such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, and apps for recipes.

It shows clearly show that the demand for food and recipes App Design Services in Noida is in huge demand. So, you must invest in food and recipes mobile app development.

Top Features to Be Included In Food and Recipes Mobile Apps

Here are some of the must to be included features for the food and recipes mobile app:

User Side Features

1- Video tutorial: This is a great feature to add in the app as it attracts more viewers or customers. With this feature, the cooking procedure can be easily explained to the users. Also, it let them feel the recipe and they can see how exactly the food is going to look once finished cooking.

2- Ingredients quantity calculator: This is another exciting feature as it helps users to learn how much quantity is required in making a meal for a specific number of people. Also, with this feature wastage is minimized as the users would know exactly how much quantity has to be taken.

3- Social sharing: People love sharing things on social media platforms as they want to get recognition, so there must be social media sharing features in the app so the users can share the food online.

4- Plan out the meals: With this feature, the user can plan the meals ahead of the week and choose the recipe they want to try.

5- Read blogs: With this, the users get insightful food blogs about some yummy recipes and different cuisines. They can read blogs of all the famous chefs worldwide.

6- Alert and notification: This one is an essential feature that attracts the attention of users. With this user get notifications whenever any new recipe is uploaded, offers, coupons, discounts, and more.

Admin Side Features

1- Manage Community: With this, the app admin can delete negative comments that hurt anyone’s religious faith, or break the rules. You can also block the user.

2- Manage recipe and subscription package: With this, you can see and manage the recipe and subscription package.

3- Upload E-magazines: This feature let you upload the latest e-magazine containing food and recipes on the mobile app.

4- Manage payments: This feature allows the admin to manage the users’ payment for the subscription, nearby grocery store, and many more.


Food and recipe app is trending in the market; many food lovers try to cook food in different ways and styles. So, if you wish to create any such app for your start-ups, it would be a great decision. Creating a mobile app is a huge task and has a lot of complications.

That’s why you must choose the best Mobile Application Development Company in Noida for app development. Check whether the agency has good knowledge and expertise in app development and have an outstanding developer team. It would be great if they have created mobile apps in all the domains, including food recipe, grocery, healthcare, and many more.

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