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Top Digital News & Media App Development Trends To Watch In 2020-21

The news and media industry is witnessing a sea change. There is a sharp drop in physical newspaper and magazine readers across the world. And thanks to digital technologies, people now prefer reading news on their mobile devices. As such, a digital news and media apps are gaining traction.

In 2020, people preferred news apps more than anything else to stay informed. Between January and April 2020, there was a 37% increase in news apps installations. And the average daily sessions per day on the apps increased by 59% during the same period.

As a news aggregating startup or a media channel, or a newspaper company turning into a digital news provider, you must consider developing a mobile app catering to the demand.

Before you think about developing a news app, go through this article to know about the latest trends in digital news & media app development for 2020-21. The insights will help you develop a successful news app in collaboration with your App Development Company.

1. Personalisation Settings

Every person has different news reading preferences. Be it the type of content or the time of reading or readability preferences, a news app that addresses these needs of the users will succeed. How do you bring these into your media app? The answer is in developing personalisation settings in the app. Allowing the users to customise the app to their preferences makes the reading experience enjoyable.

2. Push Notifications Are Here To Stay

Push notifications add value to the user. Through push notifications, the app users can know about breaking news, scorecards, an important event, etc. These notifications look like SMS messages and will be displayed directly on a device’s lock screen. The crucial aspect is the user need not open your app to receive a push notification. They have a high click-through rate. Thus, adding push notifications to your news app is an advantage.

3. Offline Availability Is A Must

Consider developing countries. With poor internet connectivity and weak communication network, stable internet to read news is a mirage. How can you deliver news to people in such conditions? The answer is making your app available offline, which involves significant development complexity. Offline app downloads and stores the content whenever there is network availability. This is where the complexity lies as the choice of where to store and how to store arises. If you choose any of the top mobile app development companies in Noida, they will suggest the best possible way to develop an offline app for your needs.

4. Keeping 5G Ready

A revolution in telecom speeds is about to happen across the world. At breakneck speeds, 5G technology will change the way apps are created and used. Especially for news and media apps, the technology is a boon. The technology will reduce latency by ten times, increase traffic capacity, enable you to provide huge volumes of content, a tonne of new features, and more without affecting the performance of the app.  

5. List View for Better Reading

Mobile Apps development Comapny in Noida  generally have two views - grid view and list view. While grid view perfectly suits eCommerce apps where users will decide by seeing the image with a short description. On the other hand, the list view is best suits the digital news and media apps where users will read the text and decide on clicking it. Thus, the list view will be the predominant design trend in 2020-21 for news apps.

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The news app space is witnessing heavy competition with existing news providers and startups vying for a dominant share. Developing a news app with convenient usability and great user-experience will help you succeed. Following the trends will support you in building an attractive app.

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