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Things to Consider before hiring Offshore App Developers

Nowadays, geographical boundaries do not restrict collaboration in any field of work. The scenario is quite similar in the field of software development. Offshore application development companies are booming like never before. Companies looking for fast and cheap app development often tend to opt for offshore teams rather than award the project to a local app development company. Offshore application development companies provide a large number of services such as web page design and development, mobile application development, development of enterprise software, maintenance of software and making necessary modifications, and so on. A number of factors can be attributed to this changing paradigm.

  • Reduced costs
  • Less time expended in the development of software
  • Dedicated teams with well-defined roles working on your project

These are but a few of the many benefits of offshore development companies that draw clients towards them. While everything looks great apparently, some argue that awarding projects to offshore teams often leads to a tradeoff between quality and cost. Some experts have expressed the opinion that all the expectations of the clients who are awarding the project cannot be fulfilled. They say that in order to cut costs, offshore app development companies often use second-grade coders and consequently produce software that is not up to the mark in terms of quality.

While it is a highly debated topic, in this article, we shall try to discuss the aspects that one should ideally keep in mind before entrusting their app development project to an offshore application development company in India.

  • Quality of the product delivered:

It is a common belief that offshore app development companies tend to compromise on the quality of code in order to stick to a limited budget. Due to this, you end up having apps that tend to crash often or are full of glitches and bugs. This might adversely affect the brand image of your company and make your customers switch to your competitors. Hence, it is prudent not to compromise on the quality of the software.

You should always check the credentials of any company before entrusting them with your work. Fortunately, the internet often comes to the rescue of the entrepreneur. On the internet, you can find details about the credentials of the company, its past projects, brands that it has worked with in the past, testimonials and much more relevant information. Before hiring the offshore team, you must discuss the hourly rates with them and select the company with the best track record, provided it fits your budget.

  • Research, research, research

When it comes to finding the right offshore app development company for developing your application, detailed research is the key. It is surely a cumbersome process. But time spent on research is time well spent. It shall prove to be beneficial for your company in the long run and shall save you a lot of trouble down the road. Parameters that should be looked into before awarding the project to the offshore team include the following:

  • Previous track record of the company
  • Reviews by existing clients
  • Brands it has worked with in the past
  • The technologies that are used by the offshore app development company
  • Performance and rating of the company

You may also consider setting up meetings with previous clients of the company you have in mind. It shall provide you a perspective about the methodology of work of the offshore app development company, as well as the ease of working with them.

  • Clear communication:

When you hire an offshore app development company for your project then often there is a difference in time zones. This might lead to mismatched working hours and hence problematic communication. A clear exchange might also be hampered due to the language barrier between you and the company you have hired for your project.

Therefore, before hiring an offshore app development company, you should ideally discuss the avenues of communication that shall be undertaken. You should decide on mutually agreeable terms in respect of communication and the time difference between your location and theirs. Only when you are sure that these barriers will not adversely affect the communication of both parties, then you should go ahead with assigning the project to them.

  • Good leadership skills:

When you have hired the services of an offshore app development company, then an entire team has worked on your project since inception. The success of the team depends upon a number of factors, including the quality of the coders, the technology used, and the ability of the team lead. A good leader shall drive his team members to success. Hence, as an entrepreneur, it might prove to be beneficial if you take the time to interview team members in order to determine their competence.

  • Overall cost:

It is undeniable that the main reason behind opting for offshore app development companies is the reduced cost. Hence it is essential to know the rates that you shall have to pay to the company for your project. The key to a good cost-efficient project is finding the right balance between low expenditure and quality output.

  • The company’s ability to meet deadlines:

You intend on launching an app in the market on a specified date. Hence this deadline must be met by the offshore app development company at all costs. Otherwise, your competitor might beat you to it and you shall lose a huge chunk of prospective clients. Hence adherence to a strict deadline is very important. 

To ensure timely delivery of your product, you might consider breaking down your project into several milestones. You should assign timelines for each and every milestone. You should ideally discuss this arrangement with the offshore app development company well in advance and ensure that they are comfortable in working with such pre-conditions. This shall keep your project on track and prevent unnecessary delays in project completion.

  • Foolproof contract:

Before hiring an offshore team, you should sit down with your legal team and draft a contract that would be acceptable to both parties. You should ensure that the contract does not skew in favor of any one party. The legalities of the contract should be cross-checked with the legal norms of the foreign land where you intend to outsource your project. A proper detailed contract shall benefit both parties in the long run.

If you keep in mind the above-mentioned points while hiring your offshore project partner, then the chances of going wrong are greatly reduced. If you wish to hire an offshore application development company in India, then this article shall help you in your quest.

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