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Things To Avoid To Develop A User-Friendly Website

Imagine yourself entering a store. As soon as you open the door, a salesman bombards you with unwanted information. Somewhere in the background, an odd sound that is very disturbing is playing without pause. The placement of the items in the store is such that it makes you claustrophobic. And navigating from one product to another is frustrating. Without wasting any time, you will get out of the store as quickly as possible.

Everyone would have faced such a situation at least once. More than being user-friendly, the store is a customer repeller. What do you think would be the future of such a store. There will be fewer footfalls, fewer sales, a bad reputation, and ultimately the store will fold.

The same thing applies to a website if it is not user-friendly. People in the online world annihilate a mediocre website rather quickly.

As a business owner, in your excitement to get quick returns, you might design an un-friendly website. But, ask a good web development company, it will suggest things that you must avoid to develop a user-friendly site. A top web development company in Delhi, like CHL Softech, goes a step further and makes designs a user-friendly site following the latest trends and user sentiment.

Here are somethings that you must avoid for a user-friendly website.

1. Do Not Let the Users Wait

If the page loading time of a website is anything more than 2 seconds, users will leave the site. As many as 47% of the online users vouch for faster page loading time. That’s why, while building a website, you must concentrate on page loading speed. Luckily, the problem is solvable with simple solutions. Optimizing the image file size and avoiding blank pages are some solutions.

2. Avoid Using Too Many Typefaces

To highlight a specific fact or metric or to showcase each product category in a different light, you might add too many typefaces in your content. But, the strategy will backfire as it will distract your website visitors. According to experts from a top web development company in Delhi, the common practice is to use not more than three typefaces.

3. Not Responsive Means Not User-Friendly

According to a statistic, 57% of online users consider a non-responsive website to be poorly designed. A non-responsive website is the one that is not viewable on a mobile device properly. Also, 85% of the people expect the mobile viewing experience to be at par or above the desktop viewing experience. With such a demanding online crowd, a non-responsive website means not user-friendly. You can fix the problem with the help of a Website Development Company in Noida.

4. More Colour Means Less Appealing

The overuse of color on a website confuses the user. It will be annoying and, your bounce rate will increase. Instead, for a user-friendly appearance, use the right color balance in the site. You can also follow color psychology to choose the right color combination.

5. Automatic Pop-Ups Are A Nuisance

Pop-ups are another feature that most website users complain to be annoying. A pop-up per se is not the issue, but the timing determines its user-friendliness. For example, the majority of the users find a pop-up opening as soon as the website loads to be very annoying. Similarly, frequent showing of pop-ups interrupts the user from reading valuable content.

Bottom Line

The above are only a few of the things that cause a website to be un-friendly to a user. But, you can make your site user-friendly by designing it with the help of a professional web development company.
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