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Software Development Outsourcing vs In-House Hiring

Have you decided to develop software or an app or a website? A question might arise to you. Should I make the software in-house, or should I outsource? Both in-house hiring and outsourcing have their own pros and cons. Let's find out what they are.

In-House Hiring


  • A that fits your companys culture - With in-house hiring, you can have your own team that suits your company’s core values. 
  • Available anytime - As an in-house team is available anytime, there will be direct communication. The face-to-face conversations will surely speed up things.
  • Control over development - There will be complete control over development. Bugs and errors can be reported and resolved quickly. And development progress is readily available to see.


  • Increased costs - The cost of hiring and infrastructure cost to put up the team are probably discouraging.
  • Difficult to find skilled IT talent - You may find it challenging to hire the best IT talent required for your specific project in your country.
  • Upskilling is your responsibility - Of course, when you have a team under you, it is your responsibility to train them in new skills.



  • Hire the best IT talent - Providers of offshore IT outsourcing services in countries like India, Brazil and East European countries have top IT specialists. You can hire the best talent by outsourcing.
  • Low cost - Outsourcing reduces your recruiting expenses, costs on infrastructure, and training expenses. You can save a lot of money.
  • Easy scalability - Scaling your team for faster software development is easy with outsourcing.
  • Reduces time to reach the market - An offshore web development company straightaway starts developing your site. It thereby reduces the time for launching your site. 


  • Communication Gaps - This is obvious. The offshore team might not have the same company culture as yours. Also, the time zone difference may become a hindrance.
  • Control on development is limited - Surely, your control over development pace is minimum.
  • Trust issues - Privacy over your project’s information might be a concern, unless the developer signs an NDA.

So, outsourcing or in-house hiring?

The best way to go forward is to have a skeletal team with you while outsourcing the major chunk of work to a third party. You can balance the costs and also have an oversight on the software development.

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