Secure Your Data While Your Sales Team Works Remotely

Though governments across the world are easing up on the tough lockdown restrictions, the threat of the coronavirus pandemic spreading is still there. That is why most businesses are allowing their employees to work from home, even the sales teams.

If, you too, are making your sales team work remotely, here is a way you can secure your data.

Sales management is an important part of a business. While the sales managers make decisions based on the data provided by the sales representatives, often sales representatives provide second-hand information. This, in general, happens in a direct oversight situation. You can imagine what would happen in remote working conditions. Poor data will affect the decision-making capacity of the administration in any organization.

One way to get quality data and secure that data is through Sales eZ, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software system.

Sales eZ is a CRM application for sales management with data security as its key feature. With Sales eZ, loss of data will be your least concern.

How Sales eZ Works?

The CRM software system has many features that will help collect and store data.

Client Databank

The client databank of Sales eZ allows you to store all information regarding your clients. Your sales representatives must input the data and update the databank regularly. Sales managers can access the data anytime. Client Databank is the most important feature of Sales eZ.

Keeping Track of Clients

One of the important aspects of sales management is tracking the activities of clients and sales reps. With the Sales eZ system, you can track the sales funnel. Also, you can track the leads generated, leads assigned, sales that are ready to close, allocation of people for customer service, and many more.

With the help of the CRM, you can make informed decisions about your sales representatives. You will know which sales rep is productive and which one needs a push from you.

Analysis and Forecast Reports

With Sales eZ, you can use the data to get real-time analytical reports. You can also get sales forecast reports which help in the product development process and setting sales targets. The reports are available on hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly formats.

Bottom Line

With proper sales management, your profits will increase, and your business will grow. Proper management means securing the data from being stolen or lost. Sales eZ will help you with both managing your sales pipeline and secure the data.

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