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Productivity and Appraisal Software Consulting Services

The stability and growth of a company are determined by its productivity rate. This rate is directly related to employee performance. And an employee’s performance is dependent on the appraisals.

In an employee’s career, an appraisal is a channel for growth. It should be done systematically. Also, it is the right HR tool for employee engagement. But, how can you evaluate productivity and give a related appraisal for the employees systematically and consistently? The answer lies in ‘Productivity and Appraisal Software.’

Performance Appraisal Software

Companies that want to evaluate performance effectively and reward their employees for their efforts are using Performance Appraisal Software. A Performance Appraisal Software thus measures the performance of each employee in the company. PA is the heart of human resource management software. It is necessary for the smooth working of the company. It reflects the management’s interest in the progress of employees as well as the company. Most companies perform performance appraisals annually, and PA helps them in providing accurate information.

The three main purposes of Performance Appraisal Software is:

  • Reward allocation, such as salary increments and promotions.
  • Identification of weak performance areas of the employees and motivating them.
  • For selection and development programs.

There are various performance appraisal methods. The modern methods are:

  • Management by Objective (MBO)
  • 360-degree appraisal method
  • Assessment centers
  • The behaviorally anchored rating scale
  • Human resources accounting

Equal opportunity and integrity are the top expectations employees have. By using the performance appraisal, the company can know whether each employee is afforded an equal opportunity and reward for the job done.


  • To review the performance of the employees
  • To find out the strengths, weaknesses, and difficulties faced in performing the job.
  • To identify the areas and needs of employees for training and development.
  • To get a competitive advantage over the competitors in the market.
  • It helps the management in developing rewards, compensations, and other actions for improvement.

In the employee’s perspective, PA is used for career advancement. PA discloses various abilities of the employees and encourages them to work hard. It is helpful for the development of the company too, as the company’s objectives and programs can be matched with employees’ performance.

Benefits of Performance Appraisal

The following are the benefits of the performance appraisal for the employees and the company.

  • Increases the productivity of the company
  • Employee involvement and job satisfaction increases.
  • Quality and quantity of production increase
  • Commitment and loyalty among employees towards the company
  • Market share increases with an increase in sales
  • It helps in identifying the goals and responsibilities of the job

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