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Offshore Software Development: Basics and Importance

Geographical barriers are ceasing to matter in all fields of work. The same is the case with software development. These days a number of companies are opting to get their software developed at a remote location. Offshore means getting your work done by a company based elsewhere. It refers to a form of software development work that is done by a team of professionals sitting at a location different from yours. It could be within your own country or on a completely different continent.

Often people get confused between the terms ‘offshore’ and ‘outsourcing’. ‘Offshore’ refers to a kind of development work where the project is being undertaken by a team somewhere else. ‘Outsourcing’, on the other hand, means getting someone else to do your job for a given fee.

In order to build a new digital product such as a website, mobile application, or inventory management system, or a chatbot, a lot of planning is required. It involves a number of things such as time management, adherence to deadlines, and conforming to the necessary technicalities. Today’s entrepreneurs prefer to do away with the hard work and assign the project to a team of competent professionals abroad. This is the essence of offshore development.

In this article, we shall discuss the basics of offshore software development and its importance in today’s world. If you wish to award your project to an offshore software development company in India, then this article shall help you out.

Offshore software development is thriving due to a myriad of advantages, some of which are enumerated below:

  • Highly skilled manpower:

Offshore companies try to recruit only the best talent in their locale. They are mostly well-versed with the latest developments in modern technology and their field of work. Hence, they are in most cases, more reliable.

  • Detailed planning:

Since the entire business of offshore software development companies is software development, they mostly have the systems in place. Hence the systems are more streamlined. They conduct detailed analysis and planning before undertaking the project.

  • Performance analysis:

An offshore software development company tends to analyze every aspect of the project. The project is broken into certain modules, and dedicated teams are assigned to work on each part. Hence, they are able to scrutinize and analyze the progress and quality of code in each module. Thus the final product might be expected to be of superior quality.

  • Proper strategy:

A good and well-planned strategy is mandatory for any work. Each and every team member should be responsible for success of the part that he is assigned to work on. This ensures that the project is completed step by step in a phased manner and the entire workflow is clear and concise.

  • Cost-efficient:

It cannot be ignored that the main driving force behind assigning a project to an offshore company is the reduced cost of development. When your software is developed at a cheaper rate, then you save more money for your business, which ultimately culminates into increased profits.

  • No requirement of hiring and training:

Dedicated offshore companies already have their own workforce of efficient coders and testers. Hence when the project is assigned to them, no time is wasted in hiring and training their staff. The staff at the offshore software development company is already aware of his or her job role. Hence after the assignment of the project, they immediately get to work. Hence turnaround time (TAT) is considerably reduced.

Also, it absolves you of the need to hire and train in-house manpower for your software development needs. Thus you can use this time and energy to focus on your business, leaving the minute details of software development in the able hands of the offshore software development company.

  • Customized software development:

As per the requirements of the client, offshore software development companies can build unique and customized software. They can even incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud computing, or IoT into your products, thus making them all the more attractive and useful.

  • Myriad of services:

Offshore software development companies offer a large number of services. A client can simply assign a project for software development. Others can choose an integrated package containing software development as well as testing services. Sometimes offshore software development companies also offer training and hand-holding of the workforce at the client’s side regarding the use of the new software. As a new entrepreneur, it might be beneficial for you to also opt for maintenance services along with it. One can choose a package to his liking and budget.

While it is undeniable that offshore software development companies have a myriad of advantages, you should still think twice before assigning your software development projects to them. Some experts argue that in order to limit cost within a restricted budget, offshore software development companies sometimes settle for second-grade coders. Thus the quality of the final software is compromised. You end up having software that takes a long time to respond or is filled with glitches.

Another point of concern in working with offshore software development companies is the question of data confidentiality. In order to enable these offshore software development companies to complete the project, clients need to share confidential data with them. There is a chance that the data might be breached by rival companies, thus causing a heavy blow to your business.

In order to avoid these above issues than as a client, it might be prudent for you to keep a few things in mind when you assign your project to an overseas company.

  • Fixed rates of the services before assigning the project.
  • Set deadlines and milestones that are acceptable to both parties.
  • Get every member of the offshore software development company to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) in order to protect your valuable data.
  • Track progress on a regular basis in order to ensure timely completion and deployment

Offshore software development is very useful and a great alternative in today’s world. That is the reason for the rapidly rising popularity of this trend. If you wish to assign your project to an offshore software development company in India, then this article shall help you in your quest.

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