Mobile App Trends That Will Transform The Business After Pandemic

Have you checked out the mobile app trends in 2020 followed by app design services Noida; you might have missed out on some important trends. In this blog, we are going to discuss some trends that you can use to uplift your business.

Mobile App Trends Post Coronavirus Pandemic

Today there are various trends; some have a direct impact on the business’s operation and here are some that will change the way you do business after COVID 19:

1- Internet of Things

The Internet has impacted our life very much; most of us cannot imagine our life without the internet. Thus, the internet of things (IoT) would be a norm in the future.

There is a rise in IoT apps and it will take control of the workplace environment. One such example is Amazon Alexa and Amazon Dash button; all this would enable companies to be more productive after COVID-19.

IoT will be used by companies for transportation systems with self-driving automobiles. Also, in the healthcare industry, IoT will be used to test and monitor the patients along with their medical history. In the future, AI-enabled IoT devices will be used more.

2- On-Demand Apps and Remote Digital Work

Today, most organizations are relying on remote workers and the present pandemic has increased the importance of VPN, remote control, and email technologies. People were seen using Zoom, Google Hangouts, and other similar apps more that make remote work possible. Remote digital jobs would have more impact on the workplace.

While working remotely, you would need to have food, a haircut, and do other activities. This is where on-demand apps are required. Apps such as food delivery and salon apps are in demand more and this trend is going to be more common in the near future.

3- On-Demand Education Mobile Apps

You can find an increase in online open courses such as Udemy. Also attending classes during a pandemic is not possible. Working from home is increasing and most of the colleges are seen trying to integrate online classrooms into their system.

On-demand education would be possible via educational apps. Most people do not want to install all apps; here Instant Mobile Apps play a crucial role.

4- Blockchain Technologies

This changed the way of business operation; most of the users are hesitant to pay with credit cards. Because of COVID-19, it has been difficult to keep a regular connection with banks and other parties for transactions.

With blockchain, apps are getting more popular. Now it is easy to store records by using this technology while making a transaction. There are also in-app purchases using coins. Blockchain technology can help in fighting economic recession, cyber attack, and can create secure payment processing.

5- 5G Technologies

As 5G technology offers a faster internet, it also reduces latency by 10 times. This allows Mobile Application Development Noida to add more features to apps without compromising features. Businesses will have more robust apps shortly.

6- Augmented Reality

This would impact mobile apps always; apps such as Google Maps, Style My Hair, and others use AR to boost the power of mobile apps. Users can use various makeup items on their faces through an app without leaving their homes.  

With Google Maps you can see live views. With Augmented Reality, you can expect businesses to have apps that can assist customers in many ways.

7- Chatbots and Customer Success

 Customer service is not like the way before in this pandemic. Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular and this is what businesses need now for serving better to the customers. Now more and more interactions would be done by chatbots and this will reduce the use of customer service. Chatbots can quickly transfer the issue to a human if they cannot answer.

8- Cloud-Based Mobile Apps

There is an increase in private cloud technology and this has led to the increasing demand for cloud-based mobile apps. It also makes the mobile apps lighter. Companies want to use these apps for their operations too as there is a lesser risk of mobile apps crashing.


In the coming future, we can expect more and more companies to allocate money to information technology so that they will be prepared for similar incidents in the future. If you are looking for app developers who like to steer at the front of these turns, check out CHL Softech.

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