Mobile App Development: When and How It’s Better Than the Other Application Types

At some stage of your business, you might have thought of providing a mobile experience to your audience. You might have come across many ways to create a mobile experience. But, you might have left stranded in thought while choosing the one that suits your business.

In this article, we shall discuss when and how a mobile app (one of the many types of mobile experience) will help your business.

Types of Applications

To provide a mobile experience to your target audience, you can choose between a mobile website, a mobile web app, and a mobile application.

All these have various degrees of advantages and disadvantages. When and how to use depends on the type of your business and the purpose of the mobile experience.

Of the three, the mobile application has certain advantages that no business can ignore.

When and How Mobile App is Better

A mobile website is nothing but your website that is responsive to various screen sizes. On a website, you can list put your products or services, provide information related to your products, and provide some visual information in the form of graphics and images.

Here lies the limitation of a mobile website. It is purely an informative site. The interaction with the audience is minimal and does not have call-to-action features.

In contrast, a mobile web app is different. But, this difference is shallow. A mobile web app is a website with many application type features in it. It enables the user to interact with the audience.

Take, for example, the desktop version of the PayTM application. After opening the PayTM website, there are various functionalities within the website. You can pay for a product you purchase, compare the prices of the products, etc. All these features make the PayTM website a web app. While optimized to different screen sizes, it becomes a mobile web app.

Both the mobile website and mobile web app have major drawbacks. They both function only with an active internet connection. That is, the users must continuously have an active internet connection to access them. Also, these application types have limited user-engaging features compared to a mobile application.

The importance of mobile application lies in the fact that it can provide a personalized experience to the users. It does not need active internet for accessing most of its features. And can be loaded with various functionality features that other application types cannot provide.

If the purpose of providing mobile experience to your audience is to engage them, interact with them, or provide value, you must go for mobile application development.

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