How can I monitor my employee’s computer

How can I monitor my employee’s computer?

The saying goes that the time you spend is your money. As an entrepreneur, it’s crucial to know what your employees spend their time on behind their desks. Are they working, or do they spend their working hours using social media or shopping on the internet?

When done correctly, the advantages of monitoring your employees using computers are numerous. It allows you to ensure that no one is not using workplace resources for personal use. It also allows you to determine the most time-consuming activities that consume your time and figure out ways to make these processes more manageable. Additionally, you will be informed if they access websites that could harm your network or data. Generally speaking, monitoring your computer at work aids in increasing accountability efficiency, productivity, and accountability.

How do you keep track of employees' computer activity in the office or when they work remotely? We'll explore fully-proof legal methods to track your employees on their computer activities in this article.

How to Monitor Your Employees' Computer Activity Using Monitoring Software

Monitoring employees while working can be a challenge and even more complicated when they work remotely. Businesses must implement software that can reveal which employee is at work or not.

The software can keep track of your employees' activities when they are on their computers during working hours. It's been highly beneficial, especially in recent times when remote computers have increased by 44 percent. The software that monitors employees can track any work on a computer at the company to monitor productivity. An excellent example of software that allows employees to monitor their computer workstations is CHL’s Employee Monitoring Software & Tools HREZ.

This software for monitoring your employee's productivity will show you precisely the amount of time your employees devote to their work. The software then compares this to the time they devote to personal matters, freelance work, or just sitting around. You can monitor each employee with a custom-made setting based on the work they perform. Other features available on the software for tracking employees include:

• Screen video record and replaying of employee's activities and actions on the computer. It is possible to apply filters to view specific portions within the recorded video.

• Offers the remote control of employees' work computers to control the mouse and keyboard and display the clipboard. Additionally, it allows file transfer between the computers of the administrator and employees.
• Keylogger integration function that records the keystrokes employees’ type into every application on their computers. It could include email and other web-based applications, including social media and office software, among others.

• The HTML format is used for Data Leak Security and the Data Loss Protection functions (DLP). It allows you to quickly identify insider threats by gathering information when there is a computer use breach. It could, for instance, be unauthorized access to confidential data. You should be aware of actions that will help you reduce the risk of insider data theft.

• Set up and track the start and end of each worker's working day and break times and business and vacation time.

• It gives specific reports on the effectiveness, time, and dynamics, among others.

Extra Tips on How to Monitor Employee's Computer
When you establish the employee monitoring plan, The following best practice guidelines can help track the results.

Be honest with your staff.

Your employees will certainly not be thrilled should they find out that you're monitoring them without informing them. It's helpful to tell them that they're being watched and why. They should be aware that any computer use at work will be monitored through an app or physical access to the employee handbook. It is usually an incentive to stop the use of computers at work. You should opt not to alert that person if one of your employees is a significant risk to your data. In this case, a covert employee surveillance system will suffice.

Make Use of Web Filters

There are endpoint security filters for email and the web you can utilize to block malicious websites. These filters can also prevent employees from receiving or sending files that could be harmful to your company.

Go Through Tracking Reports Frequently

What's the purpose of acquiring a monitoring program that produces reports on the use of computers when you don't even look at them? It would be helpful to take the time to look over the data, and it will alert you to the issues that could arise so that you can act quickly.


Monitoring employees' computer activity is essential when you expect to get 100% efficiency from employees, and it helps you spot any possible threats inside or outside your team and the network. You can monitor the activities of your employees using monitoring software or even physically, and both are legal methods to monitor your employees.

Check that the software you are using has features that can help you create precise reports that you can use to monitor the efficiency. Make sure you follow the best methods, such as notifying your employees that their computer use is closely monitored. Also, make sure to look through your reports often to spot any issues or threats as they occur and address them.

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