Things to Consider While Hiring Mobile App Developers in 2021

Nowadays, mobile apps are required for every business and thus the market is growing enormous and is expected to hit 258 billion downloads worldwide by 2022. With the more use of hand gadgets like smart phones mobile apps would be more used than a website and this has made the need to hire a dedicated android app developer in demand.

It might seem easy to Hire Developer but it is a multistep task and requires good knowledge either it would cost you a reputation. In this blog we are going to consider some necessary points for hiring the best app developer.

How to Hire App Developers with the Right Skills

As per research, three of four employers suffer losses to hire android app programmer that is not right fit. For preventing this we have here shared some tips to consider that will help you find reliable developers with suitable tech expertise for your app idea.

Tip 1- Determine App’s Platform

The tech expertise required for the development team depends on the app you want to create. So you should decide earlier what type of app you want; a native app for Android or an iOS or a cross-platform app built with Flutter or relatable technology. Once you have decided then you can make the further decision easily.

Here, we have broken down hard skills that Android and iOS developers should have into a comprehensive list.

  • Native app: This is a program that is designed to work on a particular platform or device. For mobile app development, you have to choose between Android or iOS devices and thus you have to hire Android or iOS developers respectively.
  • Cross-platform app: The exclusive feature of this app is its ability to work on more than one platform or device. For example, these types of apps can work smoothly on iOS and Android both. If you require a cross-platform app, then you should consider hiring Flutter app developers. This is one of the most reliable and powerful technologies used for creating cross-platform apps.

Tip 2- Examine Portfolio and Case Studies

Examining the portfolio let you know much more than the list of skills. You can check the details about previous projects such as requirements, problems and the ways they were solved, industries they have worked for, and more. Eventually, you will see a much more transparent picture of previous works and their experience of app programming.

Tip 3- Collect Reviews from Previous Clients

With reviews and ratings, you can finally decide of android app development company. In the review section, you can get the information about IT contractors and you can learn detailed feedback about each IT company from their previous clients.

You must pay attention to the overall response and why the client has chosen the developer, and how the process went. Apart from this you can also directly contact the previous clients via social media and ask for honest feedback about the process with the development team.

Tip 4- Pay Attention to Communication

When Hire Android App Development Company overseas, consider that there would be some communication difficulties. Whether it is important or not depends on these factors:

Level of English: This directly affects the overall cooperation efficiency. Your development team must clearly understand your requirements, same way; you should get development reports easily. If there is a strong difference in English level then it can easily lead to misunderstandings.

While outsourcing the project in a different country, look for the region with the highest English Proficiency Index (EPI). When the scores are higher, you will have a greater chance for hiring app developers with a good English level.

Time Zone Differences:

It would be uncomfortable to communicate with the team located a thousand miles away. For example, if you’re in India and your offshore development team is located in New York, USA, you’ll face a significant time zone difference. For solving this IT vendors schedule all the communication sessions with the customers to make the most out of meetings.

While negotiating, ask a few questions about the communication process and what communication tools they use for example Slack, Google Meets Zoom, and Skype.

Cultural Differences:

Cultural aspects greatly impact the communication between parties. If two opposite people start to cooperate, there would be a lot of misunderstandings. For preventing an unpleasant communication experience, you should choose a development team from the country where the culture is close to yours.


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