Five Trends in UX/UI Design that Will Dominate 2021

With more than a billion websites on the internet, how can you differentiate between an average business and a successful business online? Many websites have been designed attractively and are content-rich, so you have to be competitive to pull out the most users to your website.

Research has already shown that design is one of the most significant aspects of the website. It helps in engaging user as visual appeal have a bearing with digital products. Thus, you must hire an iOS app developer to create a successful online presence, as it helps users fulfill their goals.

First of all, we want to make clear the distinction between UI and UX. UX is the process that makes your web and mobile interfaces useful and intuitive, whereas UX makes them visually appealing.

To help you stay at the top of your game with design, we have brought you the latest trends in UI/UX that will be taking off in 2021. Are you ready? Let’s start, then!

1. Personalized 3D Graphics and animations

Mobile interfaces have seen an explosion of three-dimensional designs. It is understandable since 3D graphics and animations bring life to central objects. The user can understand the core subjects quickly. To catch the user interest, you can hire an iOS app developer that helps you embed custom 3D components in UI designs to catch user and instill brand personality. With the help of dynamic interactions, unforgettable websites, you can create irresistible web pages.

2. Augmented Reality Mobile Apps

2021 will bring huge opportunities for innovative AR applications. It has been expected that AR-enabled apps are expected to bring in vast revenues. With the help of immersive designs, AR will push the boundaries of mobile UX design by nourishing user experiences.

AR is completely reinventing the way people interact with brands. It removes the physical barriers to genuine user engagement. When you integrate the fictional design elements into the physical world, you allow users to engage with the product and services deeply.

3. Full-screen Backgrounds

There’s another design trend that has created sensation all-around. It replaces the traditional UI design where the website owner placed content in the middle of the webpage. Instead, it creates a visually appealing full-screen background, which persuades the user to explore further.

Full-screen backgrounds have great potential for elegance and are particularly favored by luxury and premium brands. The look is completely minimalistic. However, it may look simple but don’t be fooled by it.

The design is alluring and captures the user's attention, and converts them into buyers. You can hire an iOS app developer who has top-end UI and UX design skills.

4. Rapid Cross-platform Design

If you are launching a new website or mobile app, there is no better option than cross-platform development. Cross-development uses progressive frameworks and libraries and brings exceptional user interfaces to mobile, web, and desktop with a uniform codebase.

You can reuse the single code base and, therefore, reduce your time and investment in making an app or website. The code also ensures that there is design consistency without putting on a great deal of hard work.

Keeping the multi-device support in mind from the start, UI and UX Designers can later adapt their creations to individual platforms. The process is superbly effective, and thus it makes to the top trend of 2021.

5. Asymmetrical and “Broken” Layouts

We are surrounded by asymmetrical design, so why not use it in UI and UX design. To create a sense of harmony and balance, UI and UX designers use asymmetry in web and mobile interfaces to randomly create a sense of confusion and randomness.

Hire an iOS App Developer who can use asymmetrical and broken layouts using split screens, clear-cut lines, white spaces, and contrasting color schemes. Asymmetrical layouts push the boundaries of imagination and creativity but, in the end, always arrange content. This makes the path easier to follow for the visitor so that the brand can rise above the crowd by providing extraordinary experiences.


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