Easy Accessible Data Just Like Office Space with HReZ

What do you think is the most important asset for a Human Resources (HR) team? Take a guess.

Data is the most valuable asset for an HR team. Yes, all data related to the employees is a gold mine for HR managers. When properly used, the data helps them to make better decisions, which increases employee productivity and brings value to the company.

Often, HR managers do not use much of the data captured. The reason being is their inability to access the data.

In a traditional setup, necessary data is lost in the voluminous bundles of files. And in the computer era, data capturing, storing, managing, and accessing it has become easy. But, this is possible only if you have a good human resource management system.

HReZ is one such human resource management system software which has data accessibility as its key feature.

Data to Access

Access to information about your employees helps in making strategic decisions. With such information, you can also understand skill gap issues, employee turnover rates, etc.

The hr software system captures traditional data sets like employee recruitment data, attendance, absenteeism figures, payroll data, career progression data, training schedules and progression, competency profiles, job performance, and much more.

Apart from these traditional data sets, the hr management system software can be customized to collect employee social media data, employee satisfaction data, gauge employee sentiment, etc. Capturing all such data related to your means, you can access them for the benefit of your company.

24*7 Accessibility

With HReZ software, you can access data from anywhere. It is a cloud platform where your data is stored on remote servers. You can access the data from anywhere at any time.

In times like these, where the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed us to work from home, HReZ makes the life of your HR team easy. They can access all the data from the comfort of their homes.

Ease of Access

While access to a plethora of data is necessary, the ease of access is also an important factor in the efficient working of your HR team. Understanding this need, HReZ is also available as a mobile app. With a user-friendly design, the app is fully functional with all the features available in the software. Having HReZ means, you have your data right in your pocket.

Data Security

Any data breach is a costly affair. For example, Sony had to shell out millions of dollars in settlements for employees' data breach in 2019 owing to the hacking of its servers.In light of such incidents, the HReZ software system offers the highest data protection with a robust firewall protecting the servers. Also, our dedicated IT managers monitor the servers round the clock. On your part, you can permit or restrict access to the data easily with HReZ.

Bottom Line

For HR teams in any organization, making quick decisions result in delivering effective results. And this is possible only with access to the right data. Thus, giving HReZ to your human resources team means bringing value to your business.

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