High Quality E-Learning Mobile App

Cost to Create High-Quality E-Learning Mobile App

India's e-learning education has skyrocketed over the past year. Among the various e-learning channels, learning via mobile app seems to be the preferred choice of Indian students.

According to Meritnation, an online learning platform, there is a 217% growth in students using education apps over the past year. The reason for this vast adoption is mobile applications are the easiest way to learn anything on-the-go.  

Now, due to the restrictions imposed on schools and colleges, the demand for education apps is sky-high. The time is ripe for creating an e-learning app. But, how much will it cost to create an e-learning app?

In this article, you will learn about the cost and factors involved in the e-learning app creation from a reputed Mobile Application Development Company in Noida.

Types of e-learning App

There are five types of e-learning apps:-

1. Courseware: These apps specifically run video courses. The videos are app-exclusive.

2. Classroom apps: In schools, these apps are used as learning aids.

3. Assessment Apps: Tests and quizzes to assess student’s knowledge are carried out in these apps.

4. Reference Apps: In these apps, content is for references only.

5. Specific Apps: These apps are for specific educational or tutoring purposes such as medical education.

Whatever is the app type, the primary purpose is to engage the student and make the learning process effortless.

Basic and Advanced Features

Students, parents, teachers and super admin are the users of the app. Features in the app must cater to the various needs of these users.

Some basic features that are a must in the app are:

•    User sign-in/sign up
•    View and choose a subscription plan
•    Pay for a subscription plan
•    Select the subject
•    Find the tutors
•    Quizzes and assessments
•    Performance tracking
•    Consulting the tutors
•    If it is a school app, integration with the school attendance system
•    User, course, and payment management feature for admin

Advanced features that you can choose are:

• Push notifications: Push notifications enable the student to keep up with the course. Students will get notified on upcoming class, test time, assignment submission, and more. Push notifications add to the performance of a mobile app.

• CMS integration: Content is the crucial element that determines the success of an e-learning app. With the integration of a proper Content Management System (CMS), managing content becomes seamless.

• Real-time Analysis: Be it tracking the course duration or checking out the test performances, real-time analysis is a must for a student/parent/teacher to assess the learning outcome.

• Audio-Video Streaming: Seamless audio-video streaming increases user interaction with the app.

• Multiple-Language: Integrating this functionality will take your app to the global market.

• In-app Chat: To converse with the tutors or for community e-learning within the app in-app chat feature is a must.

Now, The Cost of Creating an E-learning App

The cost of creating the app is mainly dependent on the complexity of the app. With only the basic features, the app costs less. But, if you want more functionalities in the app, the cost will rise significantly. Also, the app cost is dependent on the platforms. Developing a multi-platform app is costly.

Further, if you are developing the app in India, the cost will come down. In India, the average per hour price for app development is $25-$50.


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