8 Compelling For Businesses To Use Android App Bundles


App Bundle the new upload format is great for developers as the issues faced by them such as building APKs to target different API versions, devices, and many others are now passed on Google Play.

Now developers can use Dynamic Delivery for creating optimized APKs as per the requirement of the user’s devices and can deliver them at the runtime for installation. Developers can do all this by Android app bundle app distribution format; now let us discuss what it is all about.

What is Android App Bundle?

Android app bundles (.aab) are a new issuing format launched by Android that offers the best way to build and release the app. With its help Mobile Application Development Company in Noida can easily deliver the best user experience in a small-sized app this would also improve the installation success rate and reduce un-installation rates.

This is a Google recommended way to build, publish, and distribute the application across different device configurations.

Nowadays, android app bundle is the new standard for publishing on Google Play; and more than 600,000 apps and games are using the app bundle in production, this represents over 40% of all releases on Google Play including Netflix.

Benefits of Using Google Android App Bundle

1- Size Reduction

With the help of app bundles, you can reduce a good amount of application size. Developers have seen 20 percent of size savings as compared to APK. For more details, you can also check the new app size report in the Google play console. Also with its help, Adobe has reduced the size of Adobe Acrobat Reader by 20 percent.

2- Increased App Installations

If there is unlimited storage space on your device then the size of an app doesn’t matter but it has been seen that when the size of an app is increased its number of installations is decreased.

3- Higher efficiency

With app bundle development in android, you can build artefact that can include collected code, resources, and libraries. In this way, you don’t have to build, sign, upload, or manage version codes for multiple APKs. Thus the efficiency is increased with android app bundle.

4- Faster Downloads

With its help all the apps can be tailored as per the devices by Google Play, this in return would speed up the downloading and installation of the app.

5- Integrated Codes

You can prepare for the 64-bit requirement by using android studio app bundle and that too without increasing the size of your app. Thus Google Play will deliver the appropriate native code that is required for every device.

6- Increased Engineering Velocity

The process of developing an app speeds up from building dynamic and independent modules to designing, testing, and launching. The engineering velocity is boosted with the android app bundle.

7- Reduced Manual Effort

In the process of android app development, most of the manual efforts can be automated. When development is complete the link is uploaded and shared on a specific channel automatically and this doesn’t require any manual intervention.

8- Dynamic Delivery Enabled

We have been introduced to a new concept called dynamic delivery with app bundles. At the time of installation, you can deliver conditional features during the installation on the basis of properties such as device features, country, or device’s version. Users can also install features on an on-demand mode. They can even uninstall the features they do not require.

This would help them personalize their experience as per their needs. Also, this would be helpful when you do not want to increase the size of your app. This allows App Design Services Noida to make the initial size of application smaller and then offer extra features only if the users want them.

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