7 Common Mobile App Design Mistakes & Tips to Avoid Them


According to Statista, mobile app revenues will reach $693 billion in 2021. That is a huge market, and businesses of all sizes are vying to take a piece of the pie. But, there is a saturation in the app market. With every business trying to get customers with mobile apps, competition is heavy. Without being able to attract users, most businesses will fail to get the desired outcomes.

How do you attract users to your app? Of course, by designing an app that is user-friendly and fulfills the user’s purpose. Alas, many businesses fail to understand this. They build a poorly designed mobile app only to falter.

Here are 7 common mobile app design mistakes that you must avoid for a successful mobile app. Also, we have included tips to avoid mistakes.

1. Designing without Understanding the User Needs

The most common mistake a business makes is designing a mobile app without understanding the user’s needs. A mobile app is not just to pursue your goals, be it branding, increasing revenue, etc. It is also for providing value to the user. If a user feels that there is nothing in an app for him/her, they will never come back to the app. Thus, you must design an app considering the user’s needs.

One way of doing this is by asking questions and conducting research.

  • What value are you going to provide to the users?
  • What kind of UI your app users might like?
  • How different should be your app’s user experience than your competition?

As you answer these questions and conduct user research, you will get a clear picture of the app’s design. Also, a mobile app’s UI UX Design Company in Delhi a constant iterative process that changes over time.   

2. Loading with Features

Another mistake the app designers make is loading the app with too many features. They think that more is good. Being the best UI and UX design company, take it from us. More is not good.

Often, an app with too many features overwhelms the users. Also, they affect the user experience.

Instead of overloading, limit the app features to those that are popular. Refine those features to be intuitive and provide better a user experience.

3. Poor First-time Experience

When you launch a new mobile app, you must impress the users to follow that call-to-action button. If your app is confusing or boring, users will abandon the app soon. Also, in the quest to gather data, most businesses put up a lengthy onboarding process. This creates a bad user experience.

For the best first-time experience, the design must stimulate the user to explore your app. Quickly allowing the user access to the app’s primary features will create a good impression. It is always better to beta test the app before launching.

4. Not Thinking About Navigation

When the app’s user interface is complex, it means the user finds navigating the app difficult. In today’s fast-paced world, mobile app users are impatient to visit an app with poor navigation.

You can avoid the navigation mishap by rethinking the design features. Can you make the interface easier for the users? If possible, then redesign. Keeping UI simple is the best way.

5.  Not Minding the Typography

Most businesses play a blind eye to typography. Not minding the fonts is not just a user interface problem, but it also affects the overall user experience. How so? Say you have created a great UI, but the users are unable to read the content. What do they feel about the app? Yes, that’s right, they move on to another app. Thus, while designing the app, keep typography a priority.  

6.  Design Inconsistency

Do not be inconsistent with your design features. Across the app, keep the color scheme, font, template, etc., uniform. Being consistent provides a smooth and seamless user experience.

7. Notifications Overloaded

Too many notifications is an off-putter. Though you need to promote your app to increase adoption, spamming with notifications is not a good thing. Thus, while at the design stage itself, decide on what pressing matters will be notified and how you can make the notification viewing experience pleasant.

Bottom Line

Design failure is a costly mistake that businesses cannot afford. Instead, avoid design mistakes and get the best results from your mobile app.

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