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4 Key Differences Between Business App And Consumer Mobile App

Yes, there are two categories of mobile applications - business or enterprise applications and consumer applications. While the developmental process to fit them to any of the mobile operating systems available in the world is the same, they have different roles. Here are the key differences between a business app and a consumer app.

1. Target Audience

A consumer app is designed and developed to attract people from all walks of life. On the other hand, an enterprise app is developed for specific clients - businesses.

When compared in numbers, enterprise apps are a small segment than consumer apps. As these apps are targeted towards a small audience group, their mode of accessibility is different. Unlike consumer apps, which are available openly on Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store, business apps are developed only when an enterprise reaches out to a Mobile App Development Company

2. The Purpose

The purpose is the key difference between a consumer app and an enterprise app. 

Consumer apps are for attracting customers and retaining them. They have emotional aspects in their design, entertainment elements, and features that attract the masses. Revenue from these apps is through in-app purchases and ad revenue.

Business apps are not commercial apps like consumer apps. The sole aim of a business app is to increase the productivity and efficiency of a business. It helps automate business processes and check errors. Further, it helps the enterprise control tasks and processes by getting accurate data and controlling them. The app helps reduce overhead costs for a business and improves its ROI.

3. Design and Functionality

A consumer app is designed to provide a memorable user-experience. With neat layouts and proper color combinations, a consumer app aims to attract the attention of the user. The functionality of a consumer app is limited to what the app developer wants the user to do. 

On the other hand, functionality is what makes an enterprise app different from a consumer app. An enterprise app is to achieve business goals. The app is custom-made for an enterprise based on its requirements. Performance is the key here. Though user-experience is not a critical factor in a business app, still, the app must have a comfortable and eye-pleasing design.

4. Development Process

Though the principles of the development process are the same for consumer apps and business apps, developing business apps involves complexity.

The many features and functionalities required for an enterprise make the development process complex. Say, for example, you want to check the performance of an employee, the business app must have the complex functionality of retrieving data from the backend system and precasting it properly.


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