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4 Amazing Features of Marketing Management Software-Sales eZ

Are you facing trouble managing your clients? Have you got confused over client A with client B? Businesses with large client base have trouble handling their clients. To ease your pain of mismanagement, CHL Softech has brought to you Sales eZ, the best marketing management software.  

Loaded with tonnes of features, this Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool will enable you to handle clients with ease. It automates data collection, builds a relationship with your clients, helps in strategizing your sales and frees your sales representative of unproductive tasks and make them productive.  
Of the many features of Sales eZ, here are 4 amazing features that make this marketing management software an A-class product.
 Client Data Bank 
This feature allows storing details of as many clients as possible or a number that you may customize. Any information regarding the client can be stored in this data bank. It provides a secure location to store the information. Accessing the information is easy from the data.bank. You can also place restrictions on who can access the data.  
Accurate Sales Forecast
 Who would not love an accurate sales forecast if it allows making smart and informed decisions? The Accurate Sales Forecast feature of Sales eZ provides future sales forecast based on past sales data. It allows strategizing for future sales and allocates resources accordingly. It is an effective tool that will make planning for future growth easy. 
Real Time Data Reports
 Data is essential in taking effective decisions. This feature of the software provides real-time data reports that will help in making decisions quickly. It tracks all the information on clients and sales and provides reports real-time.
 Monthly Performance Reports
 Setting targets and achieving them day in and day out is the key to success. For businesses, targets must be set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. These can be set by analyzing the previous performances and targets that have been achieved. The Monthly Performance Reports of the software is one such feature that gives detailed performance analysis reports on a monthly basis for effective target setting.
The features mentioned here only a few of the many available with Sales eZ. Once you decide upon your needs, customized software will be made available for you.  
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