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15 Mobile App Statistics that Define Digital Transformation

2020 was a rollercoaster for all the mobile development businesses and digital statistics. We set a record for 200 billion-plus mobile apps that were downloaded and installed in 2020. The mobile app downloading statistics of 2020 shows the enormous and unbelievable changes that took place.

We have curated and gathered a list of 15 Mobile App Statistics that will Define Digital Transformation in Delhi

1.Startups and small businesses with mobile apps attract more support

In 2020, many startups and small businesses were flooding the market, mainly because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The sales of online stores went 30% higher than the previous year. According to a 2020 Mobile App Development report, the report mentioned an investment of over 70 billion dollars in mobile app businesses took place in 2020.

2. Application developers spent an average of 140 billion dollars on mobile apps through customers

The rate of investment and profit through customers went necessarily high. It was 20% more than compared to the sales in 2019. These sales include subscriptions, freemium, paid apps, in-app purchases, etc. These types of monetization strategies help earn a lot of profit in the mobile development field and UI/UX Design Company Delhi.

3. An average user spends over 4 hours per day using mobile apps

Thinking about an average day, a user spends about 8 hours working, 8 hours sleeping, and the rest 8 hours on extracurricular activities. Users are spending more than half of their extra time using mobile apps in 2020!

 Mobile apps take away a huge part of the user’s day and their thoughts and mind. That is also one of the principal reasons for the popularity of mobile apps.

4. Marketers spent billions of dollars on ads

In 2019, digital marketers spent only 1190 billion dollars on mobile ads, which increased to 240 billion dollars in 2020. An increase of 26% from 2019 to 2020 is visible. Digital marketers and application developers together have spent over 290 billion dollars on mobile apps that are supposed to go even higher by the end of the year.

5. 30% of users chose friends and family when asked about app discovery

App discovery plays a crucial role in the lives of mobile development companies and businesses. When a survey asked where the users heard about the apps that made them download, install, and use them, over 30% of the purchasers chose the option from a companion or family.

6. Publisher rate increased to 25% likewise the profit raised to 2 million dollars per annum

The heading speaks for itself here. Publishers rate has increased a lot more than before and, it is speculating how it is even gaining more and more this 2021.

7. Not only teens and children but adults spend a lot of time on mobile apps

It is not a surprise anymore! So many people surf through the browser every day but most of them are teenagers or children of around 8-12 years. In 2020, a survey revealed that 37% of mobile applications are operated by adults and elderly individuals of 50-60 years of age.

8. People spent 45% more time on economic apps

Many people, which included 45% of the total world population, used financial apps. It is not surprising since this percentage of 45% were adults more than teenagers.

 9. E-commerce blew up, making 2020 the most online shopping year

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic specifically, e-commerce blew up a lot in 2020 and it seems to rise to online businesses to develop their mobile apps and get better eCommerce Application Development Company in Noida for digital services for their customers.

10. Online food delivery apps blew up

Along with e-commerce, online food delivery apps also seemed to blow up. Such apps were all busy delivering food and drinks to people to their homes, as no one could get out because of the pandemic.

11. Business apps grew up to 30% more

Business apps gained more popularity as compared to the previous years and also earned profit up to 30% more than other companies.

12. Audience used outdoor exploration apps a lot

Everyone is looking forward to a stress-free vacation as soon as this pandemic ends which includes outdoor exploration apps.

13. 85% of the user’s internet is used on mobile apps

 Users spend their time and the internet on mobile apps.

14. MX Player became India’s top streaming app

MX player is a free streaming app that gained immense popularity in 2020 and became India’s top streaming application.

15. Fitness apps also gained a lot of popularity

Fitness apps earned 2 billion dollars through customer investment and also gained a lot of popularity in 2020.

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