10 Ways to Boost Your Mobile App Engagement and User Retention

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According to Appsflyer, 1 in every 2 mobile apps that are downloaded gets uninstalled after thirty days. This means app users are quick to uninstall and move on to another app without a second thought.

As a mobile app developer, that is one statistic that must scare you. After all the efforts you have put in to develop the app, to see it uninstalled so quickly would be disheartening. App marketing is thus a challenge.

For a successful mobile app, user engagement and retention are the two key elements. As acquiring new users is a costly affair, companies will struggle to make their mobile apps work without a user retention strategy. Retaining users is possible only when companies make their mobile apps engaging. Thus for better results, always Hire App Developer who knows how to develop an engaging app.

Here are 10 pro tips that will help increase your mobile app engagement and user retention.

1. Make Onboarding Simpler

A cumbersome onboarding process is a big put-off. Yet, many apps do not have an efficient onboarding process. When users find it laborious or lengthy to signup, they will abandon the app.

Make the onboarding process simpler. Minimize the number of account-creating steps. Better use Google, Facebook, or other registration options. While onboarding, educate the users about the app’s functionality. But don’t overdo it.

Statistics show that a successful onboarding process will increase the app retention rate by 50%.

2. Do Not Clutter

Cluttering an app with loads of features confuses the users. It affects the app’s UX and thereby user engagement. For better user engagement, include features that the users need and that fulfill their purpose.

3. User Interface for Engagement

Users must find your app approachable and enjoyable. Make this possible by designing an app with a good User Interface. UI, along with functionality, are two dominant things in a mobile app that engages the users.

4. Use Push Notifications Judiciously

Push notifications nudge the user to get back to the app. But avoid invasive notifications strategy.

Users might get irritated by frequent notifications of low value, such as press releases, newsletters, promotions, etc. Instead, use push notifications judiciously. Send actionable push notifications that engage the users.

5. Provide Valuable Content

No matter how good the visuals are without content that can engage the user, your mobile app is of no use. Create intuitive, informative, and entertaining content that provides value to the user.

6. Optimize User Experience

There is no one set model for engagement and user retention. You must constantly iterate and optimize the user experience to maintain user’s interest in your app. For example, a feature might have worked for one brand but might not work for you.

Iterating and assessing various UX optimizing tactics might help in providing the best user experience. Else, users might get frustrated and leave the app, thereby affecting the retention rate.  

7. Gamification and Rewards

App gamification and providing rewards are great ways to engage the users. Through these, you can make the app use fun and enjoyable. For example, your’s is an exercise app, gamification and providing rewards can motivate the user to complete the exercise routine.

8. Place Navigation Cues

Navigation cues educate the users on moving through the mobile app. As users want a sense of control over what they are doing, navigation cues nudge them to find their way into the app. The navigation cues are great for user flow.

Highlighting a recommended option using lightboxes, placing user familiar menu conventions, etc., are some of the navigation cues that enhance the overall UI-UX Design Company Noida, thereby engaging the user.

9. In-App Customer Support

When a user face problem using the app, even at the onboarding stage, do not make them exit the app to contact customer support. Instead, allow in-app contact with your support team. One way of doing this is by providing in-app chat. Or you can give a link with the necessary information.

10. Constantly Provide Updates with New Features

Keep updating the app with new features from time to time. It helps engage the users and retain them.

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