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A State of the Art (SOA) search involves gathering information from public sources, including patents, scientific literature, and products, within a specific technology domain. Its main aim is to offer a comprehensive overview of a technology area, identifying knowledge, innovations, and patents within that field. The search can have a global or specific geographic focus, depending on the organization's goals. While SOA searches are thorough, they are more focused than landscape studies, which lack depth. SOA searches aim to answer specific questions for business, R&D, or legal teams and provide a bird's-eye view of a technology's current state.

This kind of search is preferred by Inventors who are interested in latest developments in the specific technology field of their research or would like to study the latest patents for deciding the future strategy in the area of their research.


Methodology of State of the Art (SOA) search involves broadly scoping, understanding, searching, analysis and reporting.

Scope of the Project

The SOA search project encompasses patents and published patent applications worldwide, focusing on content available in English language and machine translation.

The SOA search is conducted in three phases, following a structured approach:

Step 1

Understanding the Technology

In this initial phase, we immerse ourselves in the domain of interest, gaining a deep understanding of the technology.

Step 3

Analysis and Reporting

We identify the relevant patent references on the basis of Title, Abstract and Claims based screening.

We classify the relevant references into various categories or taxonomy, facilitating a structured understanding of the technology landscape.

Step 2


We perform a comprehensive search on patent and non-patent databases.

Our search strategies encompass :

  • Keyword-based searching
  • Class-based searching, including IPC/USC/CPC classifications.
  • Assignee and inventor-based searching.
  • Citation searching, to identify related patents.

For patents, we harness databases like Orbit (from Questel, covering ~100 jurisdictions), Derwent Innovation (covering ~100 jurisdictions worldwide), Google Patent, and Espacenet.

Non-patent literature searches cover pertinent databases such as ScienceDirect, PubChem, Pubmed, CiteseerX, Google, and Google Scholar etc. to retrieve relevant prior art.

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Case Study

Enhancing Biomedical Imaging Through Artificial Intelligence

Our client, a leading medical research company was at the forefront of biomedical imaging research. They aimed to leverage the latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the quality and efficiency of medical image analysis. Their goal was to enhance disease diagnosis, treatment planning, and patient care through cutting-edge technology.

Client's Challenge

The client faced several challenges in their pursuit of AI-driven improvements in biomedical imaging:

Data Complexity

Biomedical images are often high-resolution and intricate, making manual analysis time-consuming and prone to errors.


As the volume of medical imaging data continued to grow, the client needed a scalable solution to handle the increasing workload.

Accuracy and Consistency

Achieving accurate and consistent results across a range of medical images was a critical requirement, particularly for disease detection and treatment planning.

Effectual Services' Solution

To address these challenges, Effectual Services undertook a State of the Art (SOA) search project focused on the integration of artificial intelligence into biomedical imaging.

Effectual Services provided the client with a comprehensive report that served as a roadmap for leveraging AI to enhance biomedical imaging. The solutions and answers included

AI Integration Strategy

We recommended the integration of AI-powered algorithms into the client's existing image analysis workflows to improve accuracy and speed.


Advised on the customization of AI models to suit the unique characteristics of different imaging modalities and patient populations.

Scalable Infrastructure

Suggested the implementation of scalable infrastructure and cloud-based solutions to handle growing volumes of imaging data efficiently.

Quality Assurance

Emphasized the importance of robust quality assurance processes to ensure consistent and reliable results in AI-based medical imaging.

Regulatory Compliance

Provided guidance on navigating regulatory challenges and ethical considerations, including compliance with HIPAA and FDA regulations.

Zinc-Free Cross-linker in Adhesive

A leading adhesive manufacturer approached Effectual Services with a specific challenge. They were exploring alternatives to conventional zinc-based cross-linkers used in their adhesive formulations due to environmental and regulatory concerns. The client sought to identify the latest innovations, patents, and scientific advancements related to zinc-free cross-linkers in adhesive technology.

Client's Challenges

Regulatory Compliance

The client was facing increasing regulatory pressure to reduce or eliminate the use of zinc compounds in their adhesive products.

Environmental Impact

They were concerned about the environmental impact of zinc-based cross linkers and wanted to adopt eco-friendlier alternatives.

Innovation and Competitiveness

Staying competitive in the adhesive market required the adoption of cutting-edge technologies, including the use of advanced crosslinkers.

Effectual Services' Solution

Effectual Services provided the client with a comprehensive State of the Art Search report, offering the following key solutions and answers to their problem

Identification of Innovative Technologies

The report highlighted the latest innovations and emerging technologies related to zinc-free cross linkers in adhesives. This allowed the client to stay at the forefront of adhesive technology.

Regulatory Compliance

By identifying alternative cross linkers and eco-friendly formulations, the client gained insights into strategies for achieving regulatory compliance and reducing their reliance on zinc compounds.

Competitive Advantage

Armed with knowledge about the competitive landscape and state-of-the-art technologies, the client could make informed decisions to enhance their adhesive products, improve market positioning, and maintain a competitive edge.

Reduced Environmental Impact

The search results provided options for transitioning to adhesive formulations with lower environmental impact, aligning with the client's sustainability goals.

Epoxy Vitrimer and Polyimine Vitrimer Coatings on Steel and Recycling

A leading steel manufacturing company was exploring innovative coating solutions to enhance the durability and recyclability of steel products. Additionally, they needed insights into sustainable practices for recycling coated steel materials.

Client's Problem

Our client was keen to explore the latest developments and innovations in epoxy vitrimer and polyimine vitrimer coatings specifically applied to steel surfaces. They had several pressing questions and challenges

Coating Technology Selection

The client needed to identify the latest advancements and state-of-the-art developments in epoxy vitrimer and polyimine vitrimer coatings for steel. They were looking for insights into cutting-edge formulations, application methods, and performance characteristics.

Recycling Challenges

Recycling coated steel products is complex due to the presence of coatings. The client faced recycling hurdles related to environmental concerns and resource efficiency. They needed guidance on sustainable recycling methods.

Business Competition

The need to stay ahead of competitors in the industry by adopting cutting-edge coatings and environmentally friendly practices.

Effectual Services' Solution

To address our client's challenges, Effectual Services proposed a comprehensive State of Art (SOA) search. Our approach involved a multi-faceted strategy to gather, analyze, and present the latest insights and developments in epoxy vitrimer and polyimine vitrimer coatings on steel.

Comprehensive Understanding

We provided the client with a detailed report on the state of the art in epoxy vitrimer and polyimine vitrimer coatings. This included a thorough analysis of existing patents, recent innovations, and emerging trends. The client gained a clear understanding of the areas where their coatings stood out.

Recycling Insights

The search covered various recycling technologies, including mechanical, thermal, and chemical methods. Our analysis of recycling methods and sustainability practices led to the identification of promising recycling approaches for these coatings. We highlighted eco-friendly methods and technologies that could be adopted to enhance the recyclability of their coatings.

Sustainability Assessment

The team evaluated the environmental impact and sustainability aspects of different recycling methods. This enabled the client to make informed decisions on eco-friendly recycling practices.

Competitive Edge

The report included insights into emerging applications and key players in the field, giving our client a competitive edge by keeping them informed about the latest developments and trends.

Client testimonial

"We are immensely grateful to Effectual Services for their outstanding State of the Art (SOA) search expertise in our quest to enhance vaccine delivery for respiratory diseases, with a special emphasis on COVID-19. Their deep knowledge of cutting-edge technologies, such as Messenger RNA (mRNA) Vaccines, Viral Vector Vaccines, Lipid Nano particles(LNP), Protein Subunit Vaccines and nanoparticle-based vaccine delivery systems, proved pivotal in solving our complex challenges. Through meticulous research, they provided us with a roadmap to develop more efficient and effective vaccine delivery methods, contributing significantly to our mission to combat respiratory diseases, including the ongoing battle against COVID-19. Their dedication to solving our challenges was evident throughout the project. The SOA search not only provided us with invaluable insights but also led to tangible solutions. We were equipped with the knowledge of state-of-the-art vaccine delivery technologies, allowing us to streamline our research efforts and accelerate our progress. We are grateful for the partnership with Effectual Services, which has significantly contributed to our mission of improving vaccine delivery for respiratory diseases, including our response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to excellence have been instrumental in our success."

Pharma Company

"Effectual Services delivered an exceptional State of the Art (SOA) search for us in the dynamic field of CRISPR technology. Their team's in-depth expertise and access to cutting-edge research tools enabled us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest advancements in this critical domain. The insights provided were not only accurate but also instrumental in shaping our research and business strategy. Effectual Services demonstrated a remarkable commitment to excellence, and we highly recommend their services to anyone seeking top-tier SOA searches in the realm of innovation and intellectual property."

Biotechnology Company

"Effectual Services conducted an exceptional State of the Art (SOA) search in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Smart Agriculture. We faced challenges in optimizing precision agriculture, but Effectual's research uncovered cutting-edge UAV technologies, advanced data analytics, and AI solutions tailored to our needs. Their expertise provided us with a competitive advantage, enabling us to enhance data collection, analysis, and overall productivity. We highly recommend Effectual Services for innovative solutions and a strategic edge."

Smart Agriculture company

"Our journey with Effectual Services was transformative. We faced a daunting challenge in reducing sodium levels in our alternative meat products without compromising taste and quality. Effectual's State of the Art (SOA) search uncovered a wealth of insights, inspiring a novel invention concept. This innovation not only significantly lowered sodium content but also enhanced the sensory experience. Effectual's expertise and dedication were instrumental in guiding us, and we now offer a healthier, tastier alternative meat. Their partnership was invaluable, and we wholeheartedly recommend their services."

Food Technology company


When individuals or organizations are venturing into a new field or industry, they often have limited knowledge of the existing innovations, technologies, and patents in that space. Conducting a State of the Art search is crucial to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current state of the field. It helps identify existing players, key patents, and technological advancements, which can inform strategic decisions and innovation planning.

An SOA search is essential when entering a new field, for research and development planning, assessing the competitive landscape, making informed strategic decisions, and for legal and patent-related purposes.

The SOA search helps the clients to:

  • Identify State-of-the-Art Technology: Understand the current state of technology in a specific field or industry.
  • Generate Ideas for R&D: Discover gaps or underexplored areas in technology and spark new ideas for research and development projects
  • Reduce R&D Investment: Avoid duplicating R&D efforts by knowing what already exists.
  • Develop New Technical Solutions: Use SOA search insights to create novel technical solutions to address
  • Evaluate Specific Technology: Assess the competitiveness of a particular technology or product.
  • Update Technological Trends: Stay current with rapidly evolving technology trends. And avoid falling behind in the fast-paced technological landscape.

While both are comprehensive, an SOA search is more focused and delves deeper into specific technology questions. Landscape studies are broader in scope and cover a wider spectrum of topics but often lack in-depth analysis.

Yes, an SOA search can be customized to cover patents worldwide or within a specific geographic area, depending on the organization's objectives.

An SOA search can help your business by providing valuable insights into the competitive landscape, identifying opportunities for innovation and differentiation, avoiding duplication of efforts, and guiding strategic decision-making.

Information gathered in an SOA search is typically from publicly available sources, so it's not confidential in itself. However, the handling of the information by the search provider can ensure confidentiality.

Yes, an SOA search is crucial for patent filing decisions. It helps assess the novelty of an invention by identifying prior art, which is essential for determining patentability and drafting strong patent applications.

The timeframe for an SOA search can vary depending on the scope, complexity, and the resources available. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

While it's possible to conduct a basic SOA search independently, hiring a professional service, such as an intellectual property firm, is advisable for comprehensive and accurate results, especially for legal or strategic purposes.
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