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Companies having large patent portfolio often struggle with their sheer numbers and this creates a need for an effective IP portfolio management. Segregation of patent portfolio into different technology segments and ranking helps organization to tap the true potential of IP assets owned by them.

We at Effectual services help these companies in categorizing/bucketing their patents into specific technology area. The bucketing is a two step process involving following two activities – Preparation of comprehensive taxonomy In-depth analysis of patents to further classify under sub-categories.


Following steps are performed for Bucketing and Ranking

Step 1

Understanding Client's Objectives

We firstly understand the client's specific goals and priorities for patent bucketing and ranking, determine the technology domains or categories to focus on.

Step 2

Comprehensive Taxonomy Preparation

Developing a comprehensive taxonomy or categorization framework tailored to the client's needs.

Step 3

Data Collection and Patent Inventory

Collecting and compiling the client's entire patent portfolio and ensuring that all relevant patents are included in the analysis.

Step 4

Initial Bucketing by Technology Domains

Sorting patents into broad technology domains based on the primary taxonomy. This initial categorization groups patents into high-level technology areas.

Step 5

In-Depth Analysis for Sub-Categorization

Conducting a thorough analysis of each patent within the broad technology domains, and classifying patents into sub-categories based on specific technological aspects, features, or applications, etc.

Step 6

Data Collection and Scoring Parameters

Collecting all relevant patent data, including information on forward citations, independent claims, claim length, detectability of overlap, market segment, and size, among others.

Step 7

Scoring system

Establishing a scoring system that assigns weightage to each parameter based on its importance to the client. We provide two solutipns for this:

  • Semi-Automated Solution his scoring system takes into account both objective and subjective parameters such as forward citation, number of independent claims, claim length, detect ability of overlap, market segment and size, etc.

  • Manual Solution The scoring solution is based on a completely manual analysis. Such an analysis does include all the parameters used in semi‐automated approach, but also the analysis is extended to more subjective parameters, such as, remaining life, number of foreign family members, availability of alive family member, number of office action responses, etc.

Step 8

Ranking Categories

Categorizing patents into High, Medium, or Low based on their assessed scores.

Step 9

Documentation and Reporting

Documenting the entire ranking process, including parameter weightage, scoring, and categorization criteria. We finally provide a detailed report that lists patents in each category, with relevant information and analysis comments.

Why Choose us?

At Effectual Services, we offer a comprehensive and proven approach to patent bucketing and ranking that sets us apart as the preferred choice for organizations seeking to unlock the full potential of their intellectual property assets. Here are compelling reasons to choose us

Expertise in Patent Analysis

Our team comprises seasoned experts in patent analysis and intellectual property management. We bring years of experience and in-depth knowledge to the table.

Customized Solutions

We understand that every client is unique. Our approach is tailored to your specific objectives and requirements, ensuring that the bucketing and ranking process aligns perfectly with your goals.

Comprehensive Taxonomy Development

We excel in creating comprehensive taxonomies that serve as the foundation for categorizing your patents accurately. Our structured approach ensures clarity and precision.

In-Depth Analysis

Our thorough analysis goes beyond surface-level categorization. We delve deep into each patent, considering both objective and subjective parameters to provide a holistic assessment.

Proprietary Ranking Models

Leveraging our proprietary ranking models, we assess patent value with precision. Our models consider a wide range of factors, enabling us to identify high-potential patents effectively.

Proven Success Stories

Our track record is a testament to our capabilities. We've helped numerous clients streamline their patent portfolios, making informed decisions about licensing, acquisition, and strategic management.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We understand the importance of cost optimization. Our solutions are designed to deliver maximum value while respecting your budget constraints.

Case Study

Once a cleint, who is a forward-thinking technology company approached us for bucketing and ranking project. Effectual Services devised a customized patent taxonomy and implemented a semi-automated ranking system to categorize and assess their extensive patent portfolio across diverse technology domains. This approach enabled our client to identify high-value patents suitable for licensing while efficiently reducing maintenance costs for lower-value assets, all while respecting the confidentiality of the client's sensitive information.

An established manufacturing company with an extensive patent portfolio engaged Effectual Service to streamline their patent assets. Our collaboration included the development of a tiered categorization system—High, Medium, and Low—based on a rigorous assessment of patent strength. The result was a clear roadmap for potential licensing and strategic partnerships, all accomplished while maintaining strict confidentiality regarding the client's proprietary information. The client was impressed with our output.

An intellectual property investment firm specializing in acquisitions sought Effectual Services expertise in patent ranking for a target portfolio. We conducted a meticulous manual ranking process, considering factors such as remaining patent life, foreign family members, and office action responses, all while preserving the confidentiality of the client's potential investment targets. The detailed patent ranking report we provided empowered the firm to make informed decisions, strategically targeting high-quality patents for acquisition and enhancing the overall value of their intellectual property portfolio. We were appreciated by the client.


Patent bucketing and ranking is a strategic process that involves categorizing a company's patent portfolio into specific technology segments and then assessing the patents within those segments to determine their value and potential.

Patent bucketing and ranking are essential for companies with large patent portfolios to effectively manage their intellectual property assets. It helps identify high-value patents for licensing or strategic partnerships while minimizing maintenance costs on low-value patents.

Patent bucketing involves creating a comprehensive taxonomy that classifies patents into specific technology areas. This taxonomy serves as a framework for organizing and analyzing patents based on their technological relevance.

Patent ranking involves assessing the strength and value of patents within specific technology segments. This assessment can be done using either a semi-automated approach or a manual analysis, depending on the client's needs.

The benefits include better portfolio management, cost reduction, identification of valuable patents for licensing or acquisition, and improved decision-making regarding intellectual property assets.

A semi-automated ranking approach uses predefined criteria and algorithms to assess patent strength. It combines both objective and subjective parameters to generate rankings efficiently.

A manual ranking approach is suitable when a more in-depth and nuanced analysis of patents is required. It involves human experts evaluating patents based on a broader range of criteria, including subjective factors.

Yes, patent bucketing and ranking can be beneficial for businesses of all sizes. It helps startups and small businesses optimize their patent portfolios and make informed decisions about their intellectual property assets.

Effectual Services offers expertise in patent portfolio management, including bucketing and ranking services. We work closely with clients to tailor our approach to their specific needs, ensuring that their intellectual property assets are maximized.

Yes, by identifying and categorizing low-value patents, you can prioritize which patents to maintain and which to divest, thereby reducing overall maintenance expenses.

Parameters for patent ranking may include forward citations, patent age, market relevance, the technology's growth potential, and more, depending on the chosen ranking methodology.

The frequency of patent bucketing and ranking can vary based on a company's needs and the evolving nature of its patent portfolio. Annual or biennial assessments are common.
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