CSR initiatives at Effectual can be summarized in two words: Measurable Change. Our initiatives are focused on three key aspects of the society – Economic, Social, and Environmental. From making our workplace more environmentally friendly to enabling clients discover solutions to some of the biggest ecological problems mankind is facing, we believe in doing our bit for our immediate environment and the world. Our employees are also engaged directly in helping us achieve our CSR goals as a company.

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CSR Activities

Geo-Effect (Tree Plantation Drive)

Under our ‘Geo-Effect’ initiative, we have come up with a Tree plantation drive. We have a mission to plant at least 5,000 trees across Delhi-NCR in 2021. For this, our team is engaged with different NGOs to help us achieve our goal.

Our employees have also volunteered to help with our mission. Since we all are working from home, we have created some green activities that they can do with their families. We have created these activities in such a way that they can utilize the waste material around them and use them to plant trees.

Mental Health

The pandemic and the subsequent lockdown that followed, has impacted the mental health of many. We have initiated programs to help our employees manage stress.

We have planned different awareness and training programs on Stress Management. These programs will help our colleagues identify their stress level and train them to deal with workload, isolation, stress, anxiety etc. We have also planned virtual sessions focused on yoga and meditation that can help them strengthen and relax their mind.

National Give Away Day

Through our tie-up with Children community centers, we have decided to be guardian angels to underprivileged children to celebrate National Give Away Day. Our agenda is to improve our community in a way that benefits all. We plan on taking this opportunity to spread joy by giving something they need. Showing empathy, encouragement, and compassion to someone during the time of need empowers us all.

Breast Cancer Awareness Drive

We have initiated a Breast Cancer Awareness program that is designed to impart knowledge regarding the topic and inculcate safe lifestyle practices. Our program encourages our employees to teach others while they learn. At the end of the drive we have planned an event where our employees will impart wisdom through play, videos and songs etc. to generate awareness all around.

Aids Awareness Drive

The program is designed to offer support for those living with the disease, education for those trying to prevent transmission of the disease, and remembrance for those who have lost their battle to HIV AIDS. We are fighting to prevent AIDS, educating people on treatment and its transmission, stigma and discrimination.

Global Footprint

Having a global footprint in over 5 countries helps us to bridge boundaries and work seamlessly across multiple time zones, thus living to the core of our philosophy - Innovation is global, so are we !!!


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