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Patent Creation

Patent creation is indeed an art, and at Effectual, we've honed this art to perfection over the years. Our expertise empowers Fortune 500 companies, premier R&D institutions, and individual inventors alike to craft impeccable patent applications, safeguarding their innovations across multiple global jurisdictions.

Patent Drafting

The pivotal first step in the patent lifecycle is patent drafting, and at Effectual, we've cultivated a profound understanding of this process. We excel in drafting both provisional and complete patent specifications, meticulously tailored to adhere to the specific statutory requirements of each patent office worldwide. Our drafters receive training from leading Patent Attorneys, ensuring their familiarity with respective Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) procedures.

Office Action Response

Filing a patent is merely the beginning; securing a patent grant necessitates adeptly responding to office actions. We assist clients in crafting office action responses for patents filed across diverse jurisdictions, including the US, Europe (EP), India, and Australia. Our team of highly skilled techno-legal professionals boasts extensive experience in not only drafting comprehensive responses but also guiding attorneys through negotiations with examiners during examiner interviews, thereby ensuring the final allowed claim set isn't overly restrictive.

Patent Drawings & Illustrations

Clear and precise drawings are essential for understanding a patent. Our seasoned patent drafters are adept at creating drawings and illustrations tailored to the requirements of multiple jurisdictions. They can generate drawings adhering to the standards of various patent offices, including the USPTO, Indian, European, Chinese, Korean, Australian, Japanese, and more.

Patent Filing

Patent filing is a complex and intricate process, where any error could result in the loss of priority rights or dates. Our team of experienced Patent Agents, Lawyers, and Paralegals possesses deep expertise in preparing precise filing forms, alleviating concerns about missing critical deadlines.

Design Patent Drawings

Our team's proficiency in design patent drawings complements our comprehensive patent services, ensuring that your design innovations receive the attention they deserve.

Defensive Patents & Disclosure

In the realm of patent law, effective communication is paramount. Our seasoned patent drafters understand the art of conveying complex concepts through drawings and illustrations, ensuring that your innovations are comprehensible and well-protected across the global patent landscape.

At Effectual, we've elevated patent services to an art form, with a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of global patent laws and procedures. Your intellectual property is in capable hands with our team of experts.


The methodology of patent creation involves broadly Patent Drafting, Office Action Response, Patent Filing, Formal Patent Drawings/Illustrations, Design Patent Drawings, Defensive Publication or Disclosure.

Scope of the Project

The project involves the creation and management of patents across various jurisdictions, encompassing Patent Drafting, Office Action Response, Patent Filing, Formal Patent Drawings/Illustrations, Design Patent Drawings, and Defensive Publication or Disclosure.

Methodology The project is executed in six phases. Effectual Services proposes the following methodology to be adopted for the project
Step 1

Patent Drafting

  • Understanding the Invention We begin by comprehensively understanding the client's invention through disclosures and interviews.

  • Prior Art Analysis We conduct a thorough prior art search to identify relevant references.

  • Claims Crafting We draft precise patent claims defining the invention's scope.

  • Specification Preparation We create a detailed specification describing the invention and its embodiments.

Step 2

Office Action Response

  • Analysis of Office Action We review and analyse office actions received from patent offices.

  • Technical and Legal Argumentation We craft technical and legal arguments to respond effectively.

  • Claims and Specification Amendments We propose amendments to claims and specification as necessary.

  • Examiner Interaction We engage in discussions with patent examiners to address objections.

Step 3

Patent Filing

  • Global Filing Strategy We develop a comprehensive strategy for filing patents in multiple jurisdictions.

  • Document Preparation We prepare and file patent applications with relevant patent offices.

  • Foreign Filing Licenses We secure foreign filing licenses, if required, to enable international filings.

Step 4

Formal Patent Drawings/Illustrations

  • Creation of Illustrations We develop formal patent drawings and illustrations that comply with patent office requirements.

  • Technical Accuracy We ensure that the drawings accurately represent the invention's technical aspects.

Step 5

Design Patent Drawings

  • Design Patent Evaluation We assess whether the invention qualifies for design patent protection.

  • Design Patent Drawing Creation If applicable, we create design patent drawings that emphasize the ornamental features of the invention.

Step 6

Defensive Publication or Disclosure

  • Assessment We evaluate whether defensive publication or disclosure is the appropriate strategy.

  • Documentation We prepare and publish defensive publications or disclosures to establish prior art.

Deliverable Format  MS Word and PDF based deliverable including all the documents submitted while filing such as various forms, patent specification, drawings, claims.
Patent Drafting   Comprehensive patent specification and claims in a standard patent application format.
Office Action Response   Documented response addressing patent office objections and amendments.
Patent Filing   Proof of patent application filings, including filing receipts and application numbers.
Formal Patent Drawings/Illustrations   High-quality formal patent drawings in a format acceptable to patent offices.
Design Patent Drawings   Design patent drawings highlighting ornamental aspects, conforming to design patent requirements.
Defensive Publication or Disclosure   Documentation of the publication or disclosure process, including publication date and format.

Why Choose us?

There are several compelling reasons to choose Effectual Services for your Patent creation needs

Expertise and Experience

Effectual Services have seasoned professionals with extensive experience in patent creation, ensuring that your intellectual property is handled by experts who understand the intricacies of the process.

Customized Strategies

We can tailor patent creation strategies to your specific needs, helping you optimize protection while minimizing costs based on your industry, technology, and market goals.

Global Reach

Reputable patent creation services by Effectual Services can assist you in securing international protection, offering a global perspective and helping you expand your market reach beyond national borders.

Efficiency and Timeliness

We are equipped to manage the administrative tasks efficiently, ensuring that your applications are submitted accurately and within required deadlines.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Effectual Services provide cost-effective patent creation solutions, helping you make the most of your intellectual property budget and maximize the return on your innovation investments.

Prior Art Analysis

We conduct thorough prior art searches to assess patentability, helping you make informed decisions about pursuing patent protection for your innovations.

Comprehensive Services

We offer end-to-end patent creation services, including drafting, filing, responding to office actions, creating formal patent drawings, and even defensive publication, providing a one-stop solution for your patent needs.

Legal Expertise

We have legal professionals who can provide legal advice and support in patent-related matters, ensuring that your intellectual property is protected from legal challenges.

Risk Mitigation

By relying on experts of Effectual Services, you can mitigate the risk of errors or omissions in the patent creation process, reducing the likelihood of rejections, delays, or costly legal disputes.

Focus on Core Competencies

Outsourcing patent creation to us allows you to focus on your core business activities, while experts handle the complexities of intellectual property protection.

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Case Study

Strategic Patent Creation for a High-Tech Electronics Company


Our client, a high-tech electronics manufacturer, aimed to secure comprehensive patent protection for their innovative semiconductor device.


The client had developed a cutting-edge semiconductor technology that had the potential to disrupt the electronics industry. Recognizing the importance of safeguarding their intellectual property, they sought a strategic patent creation approach to protect their innovation and gain a competitive edge.

What we did

Our team collaborated closely with the client to develop a tailored patent creation strategy, including

Conducting a detailed analysis of the semiconductor technology to understand its technical intricacies.

Crafting precise patent claims that strategically covered the core aspects and potential applications of the technology.

Preparing a comprehensive patent specification that provided a detailed description of the semiconductor device.

Implementing a global filing plan to secure patent protection in key international markets.


The strategic patent creation approach resulted in successful patent grants in multiple jurisdictions, including major international markets. The client's semiconductor technology received robust protection, enabling them to pursue licensing opportunities, attract investment, and maintain their leadership in the electronics industry.

Optimizing Patent Creation for a Pharmaceutical Innovator


Our client, a pharmaceutical company, sought to protect their ground breaking drug formulation with strategic patent creation.


The client had developed a novel drug formulation with the potential to revolutionize the treatment of a specific medical condition. Recognizing the competitive nature of the pharmaceutical industry, they aimed to establish a strong patent portfolio to protect their innovation.

What we did

We worked closely with the client to devise a tailored patent creation strategy, including

In-depth analysis of the drug formulation's composition and mechanism of action.

Crafting precise patent claims to cover the core drug formulation and variations.

Preparing a comprehensive patent specification detailing the formulation's scientific principles.

Developing a global filing plan to secure patent protection in key pharmaceutical markets.


The strategic patent creation approach led to successful patent grants in multiple jurisdictions, providing the client with strong protection for their drug formulation. This allowed them to negotiate partnerships, pursue clinical trials, and advance their position in the pharmaceutical industry.

Strategic Patent Creation for an Eco-Friendly Materials Company


Our client, a company specializing in eco-friendly materials, aimed to protect their innovative sustainable packaging solution with a strategic patent creation strategy.


The client had developed a sustainable packaging material that offered an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastics. They recognized the importance of patent protection to capitalize on the growing demand for sustainable solutions.

What we did

Our team collaborated with the client to develop a customized patent creation strategy, including

Thorough analysis of the sustainable packaging material's composition and production process.

Crafting precise patent claims to cover the unique properties and applications of the material.

Preparing a comprehensive patent specification outlining the material's environmental benefits.

Implementing a global filing plan to secure patent protection in key markets promoting sustainability.


The strategic patent creation approach resulted in successful patent grants in multiple jurisdictions. The client's sustainable packaging material received robust protection, enabling them to enter partnerships, attract eco-conscious customers, and contribute to the global shift towards sustainable packaging solutions.

Client testimonial

"The patent creation services provided have exceeded our expectations, safeguarding our technological innovations effectively."

Chief Technology Officer

"Their patent creation strategies have been invaluable in protecting our intellectual property and attracting potential investors."

Founder and CEO

"Impressed with their global filing expertise, which secured our innovations in key markets."

Director of Research and Development

"Their legal acumen and strategic thinking in patent creation have been instrumental to our company's success."

General Counsel

"The clear and concise patent drafts have helped us communicate our technology effectively to stakeholders."

Product Manager


Patent creation involves the process of drafting, filing, and protecting patents for innovative inventions. It's important to secure exclusive rights to your invention, preventing others from making, using, or selling it.

Patent creation services can benefit a wide range of inventions, including technological innovations, medical devices, software, chemical processes, and even design elements.

The patent creation process typically involves invention evaluation, prior art analysis, claims drafting, specification preparation, and patent filing with relevant patent offices.

Prior art analysis helps assess the novelty and patentability of your invention by identifying existing patents, publications, or technologies that may affect your patent application's success.

Patent creation services can help you develop a global filing strategy to secure patent protection in multiple jurisdictions, allowing you to expand your market reach.

Challenges may include overcoming patent office rejections, addressing examiner objections, and adapting to changes in patent laws and regulations.

While it's possible to file a patent on your own, it's highly recommended to seek professional patent creation services due to the complexity of patent laws and the potential risks of errors or omissions.

The timeline can vary but generally takes several years. It involves the patent office's examination process, which includes office actions and responses.

Patent monetization strategies, such as licensing, enforcement, or partnerships, can help you derive value from your patents beyond mere protection.
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