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Patent litigation is expensive and takes years to resolve. The decision to enforce or challenge a patent is a vital one and must take into account the companies overall business goals and strategies. Pre-litigation analysis in patent law suits is critical to the eventual outcome of a law suit. We leave no stone untouched by investigating every angle and create a detailed actionable report of the patent(s) to be litigated. We also assist attorneys in zero down on best possible claim construction and prepare charts that include intrinsic and extrinsic evidences. These charts help a lot while preparing for Litigation.


The complete report typically includes

Claim construction charts that account for prosecution history, intrinsic and extrinsic evidences and past litigation history.

Patent proofreading report so that any critical errors can be eliminated or are already known.

Infringement analysis along with preliminary claim charts for couple of potential targets.

Validity search and analysis for strength assessment and risk mitigation.

Market research to give an idea about the exposed revenue.

Insights into litigation history of the party being sued.

Why Choose us?

Availability of Subject matter Experts.

Ability to do correct claim construction and prepare ready to litigate EoU Charts.

Assisting in preventing future litigation.

Confidential and secretive Analysis.

A comprehensive report of outcomes analysed both from technical and legal perspective.

200 end to end infringement searches completed by team in last fiscal year
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Case Study

A situation where the importance of talking things out before filing a lawsuit was highlighted by one of our customer team. As a result of our analysis, the parties in concern worked out their differences through dialogue and decided not to proceed to litigation.

In a different instance, a legal notice was given by our client before analyzing the claim to recover money or other damages. As a result, the lawsuit was rendered as ineffective. As a followup, we prepared infringement analysis report for the client which greatly assisted them in later filing of the litigation suit.


pre-litigation is a case before filing a lawsuit and litigation is when a lawsuit has been filed.

Any parties to learn more about settlement through sessions before bringing a lawsuit. Either side is free to discontinue the process after attending the required "information sessions" .
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