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Patent management refers to the strategic and operational processes and activities involved in acquiring, protecting, maintaining, and leveraging patents and other forms of intellectual property (IP) within an organization. It encompasses a range of tasks and strategies aimed at maximizing the value of patents while minimizing associated risks and costs


Implementing an effective methodology for patent management involves a structured approach to acquiring, protecting, and leveraging patents.

Below is a step-by-step methodology for patent management :

Step 1

Define Patent Strategy and Goals

Identify the organization's objectives, including innovation goals, competitive positioning, and revenue generation through IP.

Determine the role of patents in achieving these objectives.

Set clear patent strategy and goals aligned with the overall business strategy.

Step 2

Innovation Capture

Establish processes to capture and evaluate innovations from employees, research and development teams, and external sources.

Prioritize inventions based on their alignment with patent strategy and market potential.

Step 3

Patentability Assessment

Conduct preliminary patentability searches (e.g., Knockout Searches) to assess the potential patentability of selected inventions.

Evaluate novelty, non-obviousness, and utility to identify inventions suitable for patent protection.

Step 4

Invention Disclosure and Documentation

Develop a standardized invention disclosure process to gather detailed information about inventions.

Document inventions thoroughly, including technical specifications, drawings, and supporting materials.

Step 5

Patent Application Filing

Engage patent attorneys or agents to draft and file patent applications based on the invention disclosures.

Select appropriate jurisdictions for patent filings based on business priorities and market presence.

Step 6

Patent Prosecution

Manage the patent prosecution process, which includes responding to office actions, conducting interviews with patent examiners, and amending claims to secure patent grant.

Step 7

Portfolio Management

Establish a portfolio management system to track and manage patents, including maintenance fees, deadlines, and status.

Periodically assess the quality and relevance of existing patents and make decisions regarding maintenance, enforcement, or divestment.

Step 8

IP Enforcement and Defense

Monitor the marketplace for potential patent infringement.

Develop strategies for enforcing patent rights or defending against patent challenges as needed.

Step 9

IP Commercialization and Licensing

Explore opportunities for monetizing IP through licensing agreements, partnerships, or technology transfer.

Negotiate and manage IP licensing agreements to generate revenue and expand the IP's reach.

Step 10

IP Valuation

Evaluate the value of the patent portfolio for financial reporting, potential transactions, or IP asset management.

Step 11

Compliance and Risk Management

Develop and implement IP policies and procedures to ensure compliance with IP laws and regulations.

Identify and mitigate risks related to IP, including infringement risks and potential disputes.

Step 12

Education and Training

Provide IP education and training to employees, inventors, and stakeholders to increase awareness of IP rights and best practices.

Step 13

Continuous Improvement

Continuously review and refine the patent management processes and strategies based on feedback, performance metrics, and changing business objectives.

Step 14

Technology Watch

Stay updated on technological developments, industry trends, and competitor activities to inform patent strategy adjustments.

Step 15

Patent Proofreading

Crafting patents is an intricate craft, one that we, at Effectual, have honed over the years. We empower Fortune 500 companies, leading R&D institutions, and individual inventors alike to skillfully compose patent applications, safeguard their innovations, and file them in numerous global jurisdictions.

Step 16

Remote Patent Docketing

Patent drafting represents the inaugural and arguably the most critical phase in the entire patent lifecycle. At Effectual, we have cultivated extensive proficiency in crafting patents, encompassing both provisional and comprehensive patent specifications, tailored to meet the precise statutory prerequisites of the particular patent office where the application will be submitted. Our drafters have received training from prominent Patent Attorneys with extensive experience in drafting numerous patent applications, and they possess a deep understanding of the procedures of respective Patent and Trademark Offices (PTOs).

Step 17

IDS Management

Merely submitting a patent application does not guarantee its approval. We aid clients in crafting well-prepared responses to office actions for patents filed in diverse regions, including the US, EP, India, and Australia. Our team of adept professionals with a blend of technical and legal expertise has substantial experience not only in composing high-quality responses but also in collaborating with attorneys to navigate discussions with examiners during examiner interviews. Our aim is to secure a patent with a sufficiently broad claim set, avoiding excessive limitations

Step 18

Patent Translations

Patent filing is a sophisticated and intricate procedure, and without the guidance of proficient professionals with expertise in patent filing, it can consume a significant amount of time. Errors in completing forms can result in the forfeiture of priority rights and dates. Our team of seasoned Patent Agents, Lawyers, and Paralegals possesses extensive knowledge in meticulously preparing precise filing documents, alleviating concerns about meeting crucial deadlines.

Step 19

PTA Calculation

Comprehensive comprehension of a patent often hinges on the inclusion of clear and illustrative drawings. Our team of experienced patent drafters excels in crafting drawings and illustrations, whether originating them from the ground up or converting drawings from one jurisdiction to another. We adeptly prepare drawings that adhere to the specifications of diverse patent offices, including USPTO, Indian, European, Chinese, Korean, Australian, Japanese, and numerous others.

Step 20

File History Analysis

Patent filing is a multifaceted and intricate procedure that can consume a significant amount of time if not guided by professionals with specialized expertise in this domain. Errors in completing forms may result in the forfeiture of priority rights and dates. Our team of seasoned Patent Agents, Lawyers, and Paralegals possesses profound expertise in meticulously preparing precise filing documents, ensuring you remain confident about meeting all deadlines without concern.

Step 21

Data Verification

To facilitate a comprehensive understanding of a patent, the inclusion of drawings assumes pivotal significance. Our team of highly experienced patent drafters possesses the expertise to create drawings and illustrations from the ground up, as well as to adapt drawings from one jurisdiction to another. They excel in preparing drawings in accordance with the specific requirements of various patent offices, including but not limited to USPTO, Indian, European, Chinese, Korean, Australian, Japanese, and several others.

Deliverable Format  The final deliverable is a structured MS Excel-based report. This report includes all references located during the search categorized in various taxonomy headers and sub-headers.
At Effectual Services, we follow a rigorous and systematic approach to All searches, ensuring that our clients receive a comprehensive and well-organized report that aids informed decision-making and innovation in their respective domains.

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