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Effectual Services offers a valuable service by actively monitoring the patent filings made by competitors and submitting successful pre and/or post grant oppositions after conducting comprehensive searches.


Step 1

Identify the Patent to Oppose

Identify the specific patent which client want to oppose and ensuring the patent is within the allowed timeframe for opposition.

Step 2

Understand the Patent

Review the patent document & File wrapper

Step 3

Prior art Search

Performed variety of search strategies on Patent and NPL databases.

Step 4

Identify Grounds

Determine valid legal grounds for opposition and Consult Patent Attorney provides guidance.

Step 5

Prepare a Report

preparing claim charts, Mapping, highlighting the most relevant prior art references, Reports

File Pre-Grant/ Post-grant Opposition

Step 5

File Pre-Grant/ Post-grant Opposition

Step 6

Prepare Opposition Notice

Draft a detailed notice with supporting evidence.

Step 7

Submission to the Patent Office

Submit the notice of opposition within the specified deadlines

Why Choose us?

Effectual Services has a team of highly skilled professionals, including lawyers and engineers who specialize in conducting comprehensive patent searches. The Engineers and technical experts bring in-depth understanding and knowledge of the Indian Patent Act 1970 and in various technical fields.

A high-tech team does the following searches every year
2000+ Prior art searches   |   600+ Invalidity/Validity searches  |   1000+ Infringment Searches  |   100+ Landscape  |   1000+ Freedom to operator (FTO)  |   400+ 3GPP searches  |   1000+ Drafting
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Case Study

Company X, a prominent AI technology firm based in India, specializing in cutting-edge software solutions and artificial intelligence applications. Company X became aware of a pending patent application that threatened their core technology, a sophisticated machine learning algorithm used in their flagship product. The client needed to protect their innovative technology by opposing the patent's grant.


Effectual services has highly skilled professionals team of Engineers, Lawyers, Bachelors, Masters and PhDs. Our team first initiated an initial assessment to understand the client's concerns and objectives.

The technical expertise conducted an extensive prior art search to identify relevant patents, publications, and technologies that could be used to challenge the patent application's novelty and inventive step. We use various patent & NPL databases for conducting comprehensive patent searches: Orbit, Patseer, Espacenet, Google patents, Amplified Database, Relecura, Ambercite, AI-tools, IEEE, CiteSeerX, Google Scholar, ScienceDirect, 3GPP standards.

We prepared a well-structured pre-grant opposition petition, ensuring that it adhered to the procedural requirements specified by the Indian Patent Office. The petition included a detailed explanation of how the patent application's claims lacked novelty and inventive step in light of the identified prior art.

Based on the prior art search results, our team worked closely with Company X's technical team to identify strong grounds for opposition.

Our Professional lawyers and engineers ensuring that the opposition petition was filed within the prescribed timeframe.


Our organisation helped the XYZ Patent Company to protect the client's valuable intellectual property, by conducting thorough prior art searches, crafting strong opposition arguments, and complying with procedural requirements. We ensuring their continued growth and success in the industry.

Overcoming Office Action Challenges for a Software Patent in the US


Our client, a software development company based in the United States, encountered a series of office actions from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) disputing the patentability of their innovative software algorithm.


The client had developed a cutting-edge software algorithm with wide-ranging applications across industries. However, they faced repeated objections from the USPTO examiner, posing a threat to their patent grant.

What we did

We implemented a tailored office action response strategy, which included

Technical Analysis

Conducted a detailed technical analysis of the software algorithm to address the examiner's objections accurately.

Claims Refinement

Strategically refined the patent claims to provide a more specific and defensible scope of protection.

Legal Argumentation

Crafted persuasive legal arguments supporting the patentability of the software, citing relevant case law and precedents.

Examiner Consultation

Collaborated closely with the USPTO examiner, offering clarifications and additional information to address concerns.

Amendment Planning

Proposed amendments to the patent claims to align with the examiner's feedback while preserving the core innovation.


Our tailored office action response strategy led to the grant of the software patent by the USPTO. The client's innovative algorithm received protection, enabling them to explore new business opportunities and maintain a competitive edge in the technology sector.


Effectual services uses various databases and can be invaluable in conducting comprehensive patent searches

Orbit, Patseer, Espacenet, Google patents, Amplified Database, Relecura, Ambercite, AI-tools

IEEE, CiteSeerX, Google Scholar, ScienceDirect, 3GPP

J-PlatPat, KIPRIS, J-Dream II, J-Dream III, CNKI (China National Knowledge Infrastructure)
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