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Effectual Services offers comprehensive pre-examination search reports that align with the USPTO accelerated examination guidelines. Including a well-detailed search log and a discussion on the closest prior art with a focus on differentiating factors is crucial for making a petition special and expediting the examination process.


We provide the comprehensive pre-examination search reports that align with the USPTO accelerated examination guidelines

Step 1

Understand the Patent

Review the patent document, including the claims, description, and drawings. Analysing the File wrapper for understanding the patent's history, argument based on prior art (if any).

Step 2

Prior art Search

Performed variety of search strategies on Patent and NPL databases such as Orbit, Patseer, Espacenet, Google patents, Amplified Database, Relecura, Ambercite, AI-tools, IEEE, CiteSeerX, Google Scholar, ScienceDirect, 3GPP standards.

Step 3

Prepare a report

Following are the key components typically included in such a search report

  • Search Log We provide database search log that includes every detail of the search process. The technical team performed variety of search strategies on Patent and NPL databases, i.e. Keyword based, Assignee based, Inventor based, Class based (e.g. IPC, CPC, US class etc.), & Citation search to identify relevant patent references.

  • Discussion on Closest Art Summarize the relevant findings in a search report, highlighting the most relevant prior art references, prepare claim charts, mapping according to key features. For each prior art reference, we provide a detailed discussion of how it relates to the invention and its relevance to the patentability of the claims.

  • Focus on Differentiating Factors Highlight the differentiating factors or distinguishing features of the invention in comparison to the closest prior art and explaining why these differences render the invention novel and non-obvious.

  • Compliance with USPTO Guidelines Ensure that the search report adheres to the specific requirements outlined in the USPTO accelerated examination guidelines. Include any necessary citations and references to relevant patent documents and non-patent literature.

Step 4


We present the information and report in a clear and brief manner, making it easy for the patent examiner to understand the search results and the significance of the prior art references.

Why Choose us?

Effectual Services has a team of highly skilled professionals team of Engineers, Bachelors, Masters and PhDs, who specialize in various technical backgrounds, including Computer Science and Information Technology, Electronics and Communications, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences domain.

We assisting clients in preparing Accelerated Examination Support Documents (AESDs) for filing with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) and commitment to helping clients secure early patent grants.

A high-tech team does the following searches every year
2000+ Prior art searches   |   600+ Invalidity/Validity searches  |   1000+ Infringment Searches  |   100+ Landscape  |   1000+ Freedom to operator (FTO)  |   400+ 3GPP searches
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Case Study

The XYZ Tech Corporation, a VR technology firm, had developed an innovative VR application algorithm with the potential to disrupt the market. The corporation tried to get a patent for its invention as soon as possible in order to achieve a competitive advantage. XYZ Tech Corporation had limited experience with the accelerated examination procedure for filing with USPTO and want to sought rapid patent protection.


Effectual services conducted an initial consultation with XYZ Tech Corporation to understand their technology, goals, and the importance of expedited patent protection.

Understanding of Patent

The expertise reviews the patent document & File wrapper.

Prior Art Search on patent and NPL databases

Our technical team initiated a comprehensive prior art search, focusing on the variety of keyword search strategy, citation search, assignee, inventors, specific class and subclass combinations relevant to XYZ Tech Corp’s innovation.

AESDs Preparation

We prepared a well-structured AESDs report, including a detailed search log, discussion on closest prior art, and arguments differentiating XYZ Tech Corp’s innovation from the identified prior art.

We providing package adhered to USPTO guidelines for accelerated examination.


We assisted XYZ Tech Corporation in achieving their objective of efficiently and quickly getting intellectual property protection, by conducting comprehensive prior art searches, providing pre-examination search reports, and adhering to USPTO guidelines.


Effectual services uses various databases and can be invaluable in conducting comprehensive patent searches

Orbit, Patseer, Espacenet, Google patents, Amplified Database, Relecura, Ambercite, AI-tools

IEEE, CiteSeerX, Google Scholar, ScienceDirect, 3GPP?

J-PlatPat, KIPRIS, J-Dream II, J-Dream III, CNKI (China National Knowledge Infrastructure)
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