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Most of the asian countries have patent applications published in Non-English language. There are some databases which allow machine translated full text for non-english to english language. However, the reliability and utility of the machine translated text depends on the tools used by these databases. Effectual services provide asian language searches which are conducted in native Japanese, Korean and Chinese langages.


Native (Asian) Language experts of effectual services formulate search queries in native language by using varying search strategies.

Search strategies are based on using native language technical keywords, class codes, citations , assignees and other mix and match strategies to uncover relevant arts.

Why Choose us?

Effectual services have native language (Japanies, Korean and Chines) professionals.

All professionals hold techincal degrees and extensive experience of conducting search in local languages.

100 Local language Prior Art search conducted in last fiscal yea
15 Invalidity Searches conducted in local languages during the last fiscal year
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Case Study

The native language searches were primarily conducted in 3GPP domain and were related to 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G technology.

Few of the Japanese searches conducted in recent past were conducted for an automatic car manufacturing client of Japan.


Patent Search
  • Japanese native Language search tool: J-PlatPat
  • Korean native Language search tool : KIPRIS
  • Chinese native Language search tool : CNIPA

Japanese native Language search tool: J-Dream II, J-Dream III Chinese native Language search tool: CNKI (China National Knowledge Infrastructure)
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