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Knockout Searches, as their name implies, offer a swift and cost-effective method for conducting a preliminary search before committing to the drafting and filing of a patent. They serve as an efficient means to identify inventions that exhibit novelty and merit the investment. Knockout searches are the preferred choice for both individual inventors and corporations seeking to optimize their expenses when evaluating the patentability of innovations. Corporations can employ Knockout searches as a rapid, budget-friendly solution to curtail the number of invention disclosures advancing to subsequent stages by as much as 60-70%. Historically, this approach has delivered substantial time and cost savings to numerous clients. A Knockout search falls under the category of patentability searches and is known for its prompt turnaround, typically requiring only one to two days for completion. The primary goal of a Knockout search is to promptly identify any potential conflicts and expedite the patent filing process.


The Methodology of Knock Out search involves broadly scoping, understanding, searching, analysis, and reporting.

Scope of the Project

The Knock Out search project encompasses patents and published patent applications worldwide, focusing on content available in the English language and machine translation.

The Knock Out search is conducted in three phases, following a structured approach :

Step 1

Understanding the Technology

In this initial phase, we immerse ourselves in the domain of interest, gaining a deep understanding of the technology.

Step 2


We perform a comprehensive search on patent database

Our search strategies encompass :

  • Keyword-based searching

  • Class-based searching, including IPC/USC/CPC classifications.

  • Citation searching, to identify related patents

  • For patents, we harness databases like Orbit (from Questel, covering ~100 jurisdictions)., Derwent Innovation (covering ~100 jurisdictions worldwide), Google Patent, and Espacenet.

Step 3

Analysis and Reporting

We identify patent references by screening the Title, Abstract, and Claims, with a specific focus on evaluating the novelty of the invention.

Deliverable Format  The final deliverable is a structured MS word-based report. This report includes all references located during the search.
At Effectual Services, we follow a rigorous and systematic approach to Knock out searches, ensuring that our clients receive a comprehensive and well-organized report that aids informed decision-making and innovation in their respective domains.

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Case Study

Lidar Load Height Detection for Commercial Trucks


The client required the identification and analysis of current patents associated with Lidar Load Height Detection for Commercial Trucks to verify the uniqueness of their proposed.


Our team performed a comprehensive search of patent databases, with a specific emphasis on Lidar Load Height Detection for Commercial Trucks within the client's sector. We employed a combination of text-based and structure-based search methods to pinpoint pertinent patents.


We discovered a number of pertinent patents that encompassed Lidar Load Height Detection akin to the concepts proposed by the client. This discovery empowered the client to make informed choices regarding adjustments to their design, ensuring avoidance of potential patent infringement while preserving their desired performance attributes.

Back up for Autonomous Vehicle Localization


The client required the identification and examination of current patents concerning Autonomous Vehicle Localization for application in an industrial vehicle. Their objective was to confirm the uniqueness of their proposed solution.


Our comprehensive patent analysis encompassed a thorough search across various patent databases, including international sources, with meticulous scrutiny of patent titles, abstracts, and claims. Leveraging our industry-specific expertise in the Autonomous Vehicle sector, we navigated through industry-specific terminology challenges, ensuring a profound comprehension of the relevant patents. We systematically categorized and prioritized the identified patents based on their relevance to backup localization for autonomous vehicles, facilitating a focused analysis. Despite time constraints, we executed a comprehensive search strategy to maximize depth while meeting the client's stringent turnaround requirements.


We unearthed numerous pertinent patents featuring Autonomous Vehicle Localization concepts akin to those proposed by the client. This enabled the client to make informed decisions regarding potential adjustments to their patent application.

Client testimonial

"Working with the team for a few Knockout searches was an exceptional experience. Their speed and efficiency were truly impressive. In just a matter of hours, they provided us with a wealth of information that was incredibly valuable for our project. The results were not only comprehensive but also well-organized, making it easy for us to identify the most relevant information. This quick and cost-effective service saved us time and resources, and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. We highly recommend their services and look forward to collaborating with them in the future."

Tool Manufacturing Company


A Knockout Search is typically required in situations where a quick and cost-effective preliminary assessment of an invention's patentability or novelty is needed.

  • Initial Assessment : To quickly assess the patentability or novelty of an invention before investing significant time and resources in the patent application process.
  • Budget Constraints : When you have budget limitations and want a cost-effective way to gauge the patentability of your invention.

The Knock Out search helps the clients to :
  • Cost-Efficiency : Knockout Searches are generally more affordable than comprehensive patent searches, making them a cost-effective way to assess the patentability of an invention, especially when budget constraints are a concern.
  • Time Savings : Knockout Searches provide quick results, often within hours or days, allowing inventors and businesses to make informed decisions promptly, particularly when time is of the essence.
  • Risk Reduction : Identifying obvious prior art or potential barriers to patentability early on helps reduce the risk of investing significant resources in the development and patenting of an invention that may not meet patent criteria.

Conducting a Knockout Search is a valuable step in the innovation and patenting process, offering a cost-effective and time-efficient way to assess the patentability and novelty of inventions while mitigating risks and facilitating informed decision-making.

A Knockout Search and a Patentability Search differ in purpose and scope. A Knockout Search offers a quick and cost-effective preliminary assessment of an invention's patentability, focusing on readily available sources to identify obvious prior art. In contrast, a Patentability Search is comprehensive and in-depth, aiming to uncover all relevant prior art, including obscure references, and is used to support patent applications, legal proceedings, and strategic IP management. The choice between the two depends on the depth of analysis required and the specific goals of the inventor or organization.

A Knockout Search can significantly benefit your business by offering a cost-effective and timely preliminary assessment of patentability. It helps allocate resources efficiently, reduces risks associated with pursuing non-patentable inventions, accelerates decision-making, and aids in prioritizing promising innovations. Whether you're seeking to streamline innovation processes, manage intellectual property strategically, or make informed choices about patent applications, a Knockout Search serves as a valuable tool for optimizing business strategies and resource allocation.
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